10 Biggest Ways Blockchain is Changing the World

Blockchain is certainly a technology that has gained a lot of attention in the past decade – and for good reason. For one, it has enabled one of the most interesting concepts of the day, cryptocurrency. It has also made our lives a lot simpler and easier. And the changes and benefits that blockchain has brought us have just started. Take a look at some of the biggest changes that blockchain has brought to the world:

Better Cybersecurity

Considering that blockchain was created to enable safer transactions between parties, it’s no wonder that it’s enabling better security all across the web. There are already many blockchain applications across the web that enable safer data storing. No one wants their personal data – name, social security number, credit card numbers and so on – stolen. This is why blockchain is great. It’s protecting the world against cyber crime.

Streamlining Financial Operations

While traditional methods of wiring money to someone across borders are really complex and require high fees, blockchain payments are really simple and have low fees. Traditional wiring involves many banks and intermediaries; which not only takes a long time, but also costs a lot. On the other hand, you have the blockchain, which streamlines financial transactions, where the money is sent directly and with low fees. It’s also quick.

Improved Advertising

Blockchain technology is useful in advertising because it boosts credibility. Companies can check whether the clicks they receive are from bots or real people, which is really important in boosting and improving the content that they produce. Statistics are more valid and they can actually be useful in finding out what you need to improve and what you can keep.

Cryptocurrency as Funding

Blockchain has enabled ICO, or initial coin offering, which is a new way of funding for blockchain startups. The company creates a white paper explaining their technology and investors can buy tokens in exchange for cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ether, and so on. This has shown to be very…

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