AjuBit: World’s First Informative Crypto Trading Platform Launching With Lightning Execution

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Most crypto exchanges don’t have global market data, Social news, Signals. Clients have to go the different websites for data that should be in one place.

Everything can be available in “AjuBit Advanced Informative Platform”. The World’s first platform who presents in House & Global market data in front of the client’s eye.


Access to other exchanges’ Live prices

Cryptocurrency prices, to a certain degree, vary from exchange to exchange. With AjuBit, users have the ability to see live prices from other exchanges as well in a nutshell.

A Guiding Speedometer

AjuBit also has a Speedometer conspicuously placed in the middle of the trading screen. The Speedometer shows whether the current trading pair has a Strong, Neutral, Buy or Sell momentum. It also aggregates prices from the global cryptocurrency market.

Global Market Chart Study and Analysis

AjuBit platform has three more unique facilities “Chart Study and Analysis” under the Speedometer section. It represents unbelievable “Chart” function capability to point out most of the platform all pair crypto chart and markets. By click on the “Study” function user can see each pair global study which can improve self-confidence! By click on “Analysis” function user can see each pair of marketing research.

Easy User-Friendly Client Panel

Most of the user panels are more complex for Deposit, Withdrawal, and ID verification. AjuBit always thinks of a simple & effective way to show advanced facilities. No need opens a new page for deposit withdrawal or wallet management! You will get it in front of your eye after login. As one of the most innovative crypto trading platforms, AjuBit maintains high security for deposits by storing over 97% of them in cold storage.

Instant withdrawals

Enjoy limited amount withdrawal Instantly, a large amount may process within few minutes.

Professional support team

Here on AjuBit, we have a professional support team that ensures every user issue is handled professionally, and most importantly, within a reasonable time frame.

Fast Matching Engine

For power traders, AjuBit platform is a must. At AjuBit, a fast matching engine sits at the exchange’s core to ensure that traders experience accelerated trading.

For any inquiry contact: support@ajubit.com

For Coin Listing: business@ajubit.com

For Media Coverage: media@ajubit.com

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