Amp Crypto Price Prediction – the Race to $1

The Amp token (AMP) has not been around very long. But if you’ve paid attention, you know it promises more than most other cryptocurrencies can right now.

Today’s Amp crypto price prediction makes that clear.

Let me explain…

Often, when you go to buy anything at a brick-and-mortar store, you slide your card through a card reader made by NCR Corp. (NYSE: NCR), formerly known as National Cash Register.

Sometimes, you might ask the cashier if their store takes Bitcoin. This can be hit or miss – most often a miss. After all, who wants to trade Bitcoin if you have to wait a half hour for the blockchain confirmation?

One of the biggest thorns in cryptocurrency’s side has been the slow adoption. Transactions take a while. Governments are not so hot on it. And banks have mixed feelings.

You need look no further than recent events to see why Bitcoin (BTC) lost about half its peak value. The crypto recently came under fire by lawmakers not being so “eco-friendly.” China has begun to crack down on cryptocurrency. And who knows what Elon Musk will tweet next?

But all of this can be good news for coins that are “the real deal.” In fact, Amp crypto has climbed 233% since the start of the month while other tokens circle the drain.


For starters, NCR machines accept Amp crypto. And more than 7,000 department and retail stores use NCR machines.

This is one of the greatest examples of crypto adoption to date. That’s why the outlook is so hopeful for AMP over the next five years…

Amp Crypto Price Prediction for 2021

While Bitcoin (BTC) appears to have fallen about 40% in 2021, the altcoins have followed – well, all except for Amp crypto.

Amp is a top performer this year, soaring from $0.03 to $0.10 in a matter of weeks.

The fact that the stock moves counter to the broader crypto market is a good sign for the coin. But that is just the tip of the iceberg, which is why many Amp crypto price predictions are so bullish (with some exceptions).

As you can see, Reddit provides the top prediction here, aiming at $1. This was the subject of a mass vote that took place on the social media site. Considering how Reddit has moved stocks in the last year, the Reddit vote could say more than just any analyst projection.

Source Amp Coin Price Prediction Prediction Year % Gain
Coinskid $0.086 2021 -11%
DigitalCoinPrice $0.10 2021 11%
Reddit $1 2021 1,011%

Of course, what makes Amp different from a Reddit stock is that it potentially has more to offer than simply the “hype” factor.

A contract between NCR and Flexa – the blockchain network that AMP was initially created for – is huge. But the token’s growth will depend on similar partnerships developing in the future.

It’s not unrealistic when you really consider what Amp actually does. This not your ordinary token…

What Is Amp Crypto?

Different cryptocurrencies have different use cases. Bitcoin can be used as a medium of exchange and store of value. Ethereum (ETH) does smart contracts. Dogecoin (DOGE) has been used for online tipping, since it’s one of the more liquid tokens.

AMP is not like these. Rather, it is a “digital asset token.” It collateralizes payments so that you don’t have to pay BTC or ETH directly to the cashier – which could take a few minutes. You instead pay instantly with AMP collateral while you await the BTC blockchain confirmation.

This can work with most coins, in theory. And the more cryptos are used, the more AMP’s value increases.

AMP was created to function on the Flexa network. It is an adaptation of the Flexacoin – or more precisely, two separate coins merged into one, Flexacoin and Consenys.

The AMP token and staking platform were launched in August 2020.

Like Bitcoin, the token has a fixed supply. This is good news for investors trying to hedge inflation right now. The AMP supply is capped at 99.2 billion tokens, 42 billion of which are in circulation.

Unlike Bitcoin, transactions are instant and can be made at an NCR kiosk.

The blockchain can also verify the exchange of collateral with any other form of payment, even physical value. You’re not even limited to collateralizing cryptocurrency.

That’s what makes AMP crypto stand out among its peers.

Look for more updates on this special altcoin as we wait to see if the Redditors were on target with their $1 price projection.

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