Arbismart Arbitrage Returns Stack Up Against the Best that DeFi Has To Offer

Investing in any asset class can be risky. Especially when it comes to crypto-assets like Bitcoin. The price speculation and added volatility put the asset class squarely among the riskiest assets out there. 

Because these emerging assets are subject to wild price swings, crypto investors have turned to decentralized finance (DeFi) for added returns they can count on. This is either to add to overall capital growth or to offset any losses from crypto market drawdowns.

Yield farming interest rates at the highest, return 45%. However, another alternative form of crypto investment that’s even safer and less risky than DeFi offers similar investment rates, all while protected by EU regulations and bank-grade security protections. 

Enter Arbismart

Investment accounts through Arbismart offer unrivaled returns on investments wrt overall risk versus reward.

Arbitrage trading involves analyzing the spread between various cryptocurrency exchanges in search of the best entry prices for a trade. Often, the prices between trading platforms vary by as much as $100 or more. This provides a unique opportunity to profit from the difference in price, by finding the best price to buy high and sell low at.

Arbismart takes this idea and supercharges it through fast-paced, algorithmic trading bots designed to maximize the profit margins made from the constant change in spread. The platform can make tens of thousands of trades in rapid succession to bolster ROI on all accounts using such methods.

Arbismart Matches DeFi’s Best Yields, Returns up to 45% ROI 

Using proprietary technology, accounts can be personalized to best suit individual investor needs, risk appetite, and exposure. Returns reach as high as 45% on Elite accounts, going toe-to-toe with the best DeFi yield farming has to offer.

Where arbitrage investing beats DeFi, is in the risk relative to the investment.

Reduce Overall Risk Exposure By Relying On an EU Regulated Arbitrage Trading Platform

Arbismart is a fully regulated platform, required to follow the most stringent regulatory standards and compliance audits. Bank-grade security keeps funds protected while dedicated account managers and 24/7 support are available should any issues or questions arise. 

Investing in a DeFi project may seem safer and sensible than normal crypto investments due to the added interest yield adding to potential gains and protection from absolute losses. Algorithmic arbitrage investing, however, poses very little risk whatsoever, by making trades based on the spread and not price action.

It also allows crypto investors to take advantage of algorithmic trading technology without them learning how to code or set up a bot API connection. Instead, crypto investors can comfortably rely on Arbismart’s proven business model and high rates of returns.

To learn more about Arbismart and what arbitrage trading can offer you, visit the company’s website. Arbitsmart is planning the rollout of a new app and unique crypto wallet that pays interest on cryptocurrencies without the need to purchase RBIS tokens, so keep checking the company’s social media channels for more details. 

And as for RBIS, Arbismart’s native crypto token, it’s value has risen more than 120% since it’s official launch. The price of RBIS is projected to skyrocket as soon as it is listed on any of the well-known cryptocurrency exchanges. 

Source: Bitcoininst