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Why is Ethereum Soaring and Pulling Bitcoin With It?

Ethereum, which has regained its spot as the world’s second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization after recent gains, is soaring today, helping to boost the cryptocurrency market—including bitcoin and ripple (XRP) as a post-Christmas rally rolls on. Ethereum has climbed some 80% over the past month, adding a further 12% rise over the last 24 hours, as

Why Ripple’s XRP could see massive gains in 2019

XRP will continue to battle the market leader for the first position in terms of market capitalization. 75% of the correspondents believed in Ripple’s XRP prowess in 2019. The last quarter of 2019 has been a gruesome period in the cryptocurrency market. The market did not only bleed, we saw assets refresh new 2018 lows.

Why Ethereum Could Quickly Hit $200 Again

This year has been a rough one for most cryptocurrencies but some have fared worse than others. Ethereum is one of those heavy sufferers that has lost over 90% since its peak almost a year ago. According to Arthur Hayes, CEO of Hong Kong based BitMEX, the revival of Ethereum could be just around the

Anthony Pompliano Makes THIS Major Bitcoin Prediction

Bitcoin (BTC) still has “lower to go” despite its bull run to above $4,000 last week, Morgan Creek Digital Assets founder Anthony Pompliano told CNBC on Dec. 26. Speaking in an interview, Pompliano, who is also a frequent markets commentator on social media, became the latest figure to claim Bitcoin markets will only bottom out when the price

Bitcoin hits $4,000, will this rally last?

This week’s more than 25% rally in Bitcoin is impressive, but it doesn’t signal a return to its erstwhile boom years, if its price history is a guide. The momentum that saw it soar from under $1 to almost $20,000 between 2011 and the end of last year is gone and unlikely to return, according to traders

Bitcoin Rallies and Altcoins Surge Higher

Wednesday, Dec. 19 — Cryptocurrency markets continue a fresh rally with Bitcoin (BTC) touching $3,800 and leading altcoins to claw back their latest losses. Data from Cointelegraph’s own price index, CoinMarketCap and Coin360 confirms the extended rebound, which began late Monday and continued through Tuesday. After a slight correction, almost all of the top 20 assets by market cap began climbing

Could Ripple (XRP) overtake Bitcoin in 2019?

XRP has been dormant for a very long time and as the end of 2018 approaches, the much-needed news about Ripple’s partnerships with major financial institutions have started erupting in the crypto-space. In addition to the above, XRP and cryptocurrencies are being backed by major players in the financial industries, like the managing director and

Bitcoin price PLUMMET: Why is bitcoin falling? Will it rise?

BITCOIN (BTC) halved in value this month as the cryptocurrency revisited its lowest value level in 2018. So why is Bitcoin falling and will BTC ever recover? Bitcoin slumped to a new yearly low of £2,556 ($3,218) on December 14, following a significant sell-off. The flagship cryptocurrency briefly showed signs of a bullish bounce on Monday