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Litecoin is rocketing, boosting Bitcoin And Ethereum–Here’s Why

Litecoin, currently the world’s fifth largest major cryptocurrency by value, has leaped higher today following a steady rise over the last few days, pushing bitcoin, ethereum, and the wider cryptocurrency market higher. The litecoin price, which is some 85% down from its all-time highs, has risen 17% over the last 24 hours to a year-to-date high of

As Bitcoin And Crypto Markets Lose Billions, One Coin Is Soaring

Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies have lost some $5 billion over the last 48 hours as a long-running bitcoin sell-off again bears down on the market. But there is one bright spot of green in the now familiar sea of red: binance coin, the digital token from the world’s largest bitcoin exchange, has risen 16% over the same period

Is Ripple A Scam?

In my recent article on JPM Coin, JPMorgan Chase JPM -0.04%’s prototype digital token, I casually mentioned that there are “indications that Ripple is essentially a scam.” I had no idea the can of worms I was opening. At least a dozen articles popped up in the cryptosphere questioning my sources – and perhaps my sanity – in languages as varied

Should investors own any bitcoin in their portfolio?

This is a controversial question. Bitcoin evangelists would argue that you should go all in on cryptocurrencies because the digital assets could be the future of money. Fans of bitcoin also claim that the value of cryptocurrencies should be more stable because there is a finite supply of coins. Governments can always print more money.

Can Litecoin overtake Bitcoin?

Potential in Litecoin: Also, there have been a lot of different developments in Litecoin. There was also a fork in Litecoin which led to Litecoin cash. Also, Litecoin uses the different algorithm as compared to Bitcoin. This increases the transaction speeds of Litecoin. Moreover, the block of Litecoin is created within 2.5 minutes. This ensures

Warren Buffett negative on bitcoin, says it’s a ‘delusion’

Billionaire investor Warren Buffett is doubling down on his bitcoin criticism. “Bitcoin has no unique value at all,” Buffett told CNBC’s Becky Quick in a “Squawk Box” interview Monday. “It is a delusion, basically.” The Berkshire Hathaway CEO said he is sympathetic to optimists who bought the world’s largest cryptocurrency in hopes that “it would change their lives.” Bitcoin has lost

IBM Crypto Chief Sets Massive Bitcoin Price Target

IBM VP of Blockchain and Digital Currencies Jesse Lund is bullish on Bitcoin – so bullish, in fact, that he set a long-term $1 million price target. Lund revealed his long-term Bitcoin price target at the recent Think Conference, in an interview with Fred Schebesta. The IBM executive pointed out that the higher the price of a crypto

Why is Litecoin Outperforming Top Crypto Assets Again?

Litecoin has become the darling of the cryptocurrencies again as it out performs the majority of the top coins including its big brother, Bitcoin. Breaking a psychological resistance level of $50 a few hours ago, Litecoin is one of the day’s best performing crypto assets once again. The question is, how far can it go