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Schiff buys more Bitcoin — But there’s a twist

The vast majority of Twitter users trust 18-year-old Spencer Schiff’s investment advice over that of his father, Peter Schiff — a renowned gold bug and Bitcoin (BTC) critic. “Against my advice my son just bought even more Bitcoin,” said Schiff, “Whose advice do you want to follow?” According to a Sept. 7 tweet from Peter Schiff, 81%

A Radical New Crypto Just Blew Past The Bitcoin Price All-Time High—Up A Shocking 3,500% In Just One Month

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets have been dominated by decentralized finance, often shortened to DiFi, over recent months. The bitcoin price, up around 40% since the beginning of 2020, has been left in the dust by the gains made some DeFi project tokens—including yearn.finance (YFI) that’s up a staggering 3,500% in just a little over a month and has

5 reasons why Bitcoin is ‘at the beginning of a bull run’

Bitcoin is “at the beginning” of an extended bull run, and there are increasingly clear reasons to accept it. That is the opinion of Dan Held, head of growth at United States cryptocurrency exchange Kraken, who listed the latest evidence for bullish Bitcoin (BTC) on Aug. 24. Many commentators have argued that Bitcoin is just getting started when it

Bitcoin Whale Says Traders Should Track These 2 Altcoins in Addition to BTC

An outspoken Bitcoin whale who rarely shows affection for anything other than BTC says two crypto assets have potential. The pseudonymous trader known as Joe007 says UNUS SED LEO (LEO) may be a solid pick for investors looking to diversify their crypto portfolio. “In a sane world, extremely low correlation by LEO would make it a desirable diversification instrument

Ethereum (ETH) Surges 10% in 24 hours

Ehereum (ETH) crossed $400 today jumping more than 10% in 24 hours, briefly hitting $429. The last time Ethereum was above $400 was a week ago, on August 6, when it reached a high of $403.49. During the same 24-hour period, BTC was up 1.60% and LINK was up 7.32%. ETH’s trading volume increased from

Bitcoin Is Suddenly Behaving ‘Like A Tech Stock’

Technology stocks, including iPhone-maker Apple AAPL +1.9%, search giant Google GOOGL +0.7%, online retail behemoth Amazon AMZN +0.2% and social network Facebook, have surged during the coronavirus pandemic. Bitcoin, up 60% year-to-date, has (so far) outperformed them all—even beating Amazon’s massive 2020 stock price rally and dwarfing the Nasdaq’s NDAQ -0.1% 22% increase. Now, London-based digital asset management firm CoinShares has recommended investors allocate 4% of

Software firm MicroStrategy makes a massive bet on Bitcoin

MicroStrategy, a Virginia-based business intelligence software company that trades on the NASDAQ, announced on Tuesday it has acquired 21,454 Bitcoin in what describes as a “capital allocation strategy.” The move is a novel one for a publicly traded firm. While many companies put surplus capital into bonds and other investments as part of their treasury