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Why the Bitcoin ‘Halving’ Will Change Everything

In six weeks the number of Bitcoins produced with each block will be reduced to 6.25. This reward halving has long been predicted to put upward pressure on the price. One analyst is demonstrating the significance of this move by comparing it to other limited commodities. BITCOIN COMPARED TO PRECIOUS METALS Analyst PlanB has tweeted

Crypto Traders See Bitcoin (But Not Ethereum) Surging To All-Time Highs In 2020—Here’s Why

Bitcoin investors have nervously watched markets over recent weeks, with some senior figures in the bitcoin community warning confidence has “evaporated.” The bitcoin price has swung wildly along with traditional markets since the coronavirus COVID-19 began spreading out of China, dropping to lows of under $4,000 per bitcoin from almost $10,000 in early March. Now, despite bitcoin dropping by

Donald Trump Just ‘Advertised’ Bitcoin After Fed Creates $6 Trillion

Bitcoin (BTC) gained ironic support from United States President Donald Trump on March 27 after he appeared to say he supported manipulating the dollar. In a press conference quoted by various Twitter commentators, including Blockstream CSO, Samson Mow, Trump defended the Federal Reserve printing more than $6 trillion. Trump: the dollar is “our money, our currency”

Getting Ready for the Altcoin Resurgence

The altcoin market has been through tough times. At one point, the market lost over 90% of its value from its peak of $780 billion in January 2018. Many altcoin projects that were supposed to be “the next big thing” are nowhere to be seen today. We are experiencing first-hand the beginning of “Crypto Darwinism” in the

Will Litecoin See Another Crash Soon?

The crypto market remains volatile, with analysts actively trying to seek insight into its next moves. Litecoin now appears ready for a notable correction. Such a move could set off a similar drop in Bitcoin and other cryptos, as it has done before. LITECOIN MAY OFFER CLARITY TO UNPREDICTABLE MARKET As crypto traders attempt to

3 Reasons Why Bitcoin Price is Bullish Right Now

CONGRESS DISCUSS DIGITAL DOLLAR BY FED TO FIGHT CRISIS House Democrats proposed two bills that revolve around the creation of a digital dollar and digital wallets, so that the Federal Reserve (Fed) could transfer digital cash directly to individuals and businesses. The move is meant to support the economy amid the COVID-19 pandemic, as the

Bitcoin Bumps Up, but for How Long?

As traditional markets continue to struggle with the coronavirus crisis, cryptocurrencies are seeing an upswing in both price and volume. Now crypto traders are wondering how long this new rally will last. Bitcoin (BTC) is up 1 percent in the past 24 hours of trading, currently changing hands at $6,224 as of 19:00 UTC. The world’s

Bitcoin Price Surges Amid Global Market Chaos

Cryptocurrency markets have seen a huge resurgence, causing the price of bitcoin to shoot up by more than 20 per cent in less than 24 hours. The gains follow one of the worst crashes in the digital currency’s history, which saw it lose more than half of its value in a series of panicked sell-offs last week. The crash mirrored