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Bitcoin Surges 15% In A Day–But Why?

Bitcoin prices have been skyrocketing lately, climbing more than 15% over roughly 24 hours and bringing the world’s most prominent digital currency within range of breaching the $9,000 level. The cryptocurrency rose to as much as $8,973.08 this afternoon, CoinDesk figures show. At this price, the digital asset had reached its highest level since early March, and

Why Global Deflation May Not Be Bad News for Bitcoin

Contrary to expectations, bitcoin could see a positive performance during a possible bout of global deflation if it acts not just as an investment asset, but as a medium of exchange and a perceived safe haven like gold. The top cryptocurrency by market value is widely considered to be a hedge against inflation because its

Gold is set to boom. What does that mean for Bitcoin?

The coronavirus-driven economic downturn has prompted Bank of America to revise its price forecast for gold upwards, bringing its prediction to $3,000 in the next 1-2 years. But despite being warring assets, experts believe this may be positive for Bitcoin. In the last few weeks, central banks have flooded the global economy with fiscal stimulus

Americans Are Using Their Stimulus Checks To Buy Bitcoin

Although the Bitcoin price declined sharply in response to the World Health Organization’s declaration of COVID-19 as a pandemic last month, interest in the crypto asset from the general public is not lost. In fact, some Americans are taking their $1,200 stimulus checks and using them to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Sharp moves in

Bitcoin Price: 5 Things That Will Impact the Crypto Market This Week

Bitcoin (BTC) maintained $7,000 despite strong resistance on April 20 as oil crashed through fresh support levels towards $10. Heading into what promises to be a choppy week for traditional markets, here are five things to watch for Bitcoin traders in the coming days. Cryptocurrency market daily overview. Source: Coin360 BTC price resistance Data from Coin360

Mark Cuban: This is what it would take for me to change my mind about bitcoin

Billionaire Mark Cuban has always been cautious when it comes to bitcoin – despite being an investor in businesses built on cryptocurrency and even personally investing in bitcoin himself, he frequently warns others to be careful because he finds it to be a gamble. Cuban has gone as far as to say he would “rather have bananas than bitcoin” because at least as food

Rich Dad Poor Dad Author: Coronavirus Will Send Bitcoin ‘Parabolic’

Bitcoin (BTC) ultimately stands to go parabolic after the coronavirus ends, the author of the world’s bestselling personal finance book says. In a tweet on April 15, Robert Kiyosaki, who penned “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” argued that the coronavirus pandemic was “great” for Bitcoin. Kiyosaki: BTC among “best investments” The largest cryptocurrency, which has broadly stabilized since