Billionaire Investor Explains Why Bitcoin Will Hit $250,000 in 2022

Few billionaire investors have been so vocal and bullish on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency price appreciation as Tim Draper, the founder of venture capital firm Draper Fisher Jurvetson.

TheStreet sat down with Draper in early May at the Collision tech conference and later chatted after Draper spoke at the Federal Reserve in San Francisco in mid-May, where he told the people at the organization in charge of U.S. monetary policy that it might be time for them to think about getting new jobs as centralized fiat currencies gradually get replaced by decentralized cryptocurrencies.

In an exclusive interview with TheStreet, Draper weighed in on where he thinks Bitcoin’s price will be in the future, cryptocurrency regulation and price volatility. What follows is a condensed and lightly edited transcript of our discussion.

TheStreet: Let’s jump right in. Former chairman of the Commodities and Futures Trading Commission Gary Gensler recently argued that Ripple, Ether and other cryptocurrencies should be 

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