Bitcoin makes an 8% move to kick off December

  • The world’s largest cryptocurrency hit a low of $3,790.96 on Monday.
  • Bitcoin has struggled to recover above the $4,000 mark after dropping 37 percent in November.
  • December of last year was a record one for bitcoin, and marked the beginning of its surge to almost $20,000.

Bitcoin is kicking off the last month of 2018 with another downward drop.

After ending November deeply in the red, the world’s largest cryptocurrency fell as much as 8 percent on Monday to a low of $3,790.96, according to data from CoinDesk.

At this time last year, bitcoin was beginning its climb to almost $20,000 and ended last December up 40 percent. It entered its hot streak just after Thanksgiving last year, surging in price largely because retail investors were buying in.

But the tail end of this year has been a different story: Bitcoin is now down 73 percent since the beginning of January. Twenty-four-hour trading volumes are down 56 percent since Jan. 1, while the entire cryptocurrency market capitalization has fallen 80 percent.

Other cryptocurrencies also fell on Monday. XRP, the world’s second-largest by market value, was…

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