Launches Free Bitcoin Cash Register Platform for iOS Devices Launches Free Bitcoin Cash Register Platform for iOS Devices

About a month ago, launched its free point-of-sale solution, Bitcoin Cash Register, for Android operating systems. This week our developers have released Bitcoin Cash Register for iOS mobile phones allowing any merchant with an Apple device to accept bitcoin cash payments.

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How to Set Up Bitcoin Cash Register for iOS Devices is all about spreading mass adoption of bitcoin cash (BCH). One way to bring the masses toward BCH is getting merchants worldwide to accept the digital asset for goods and services. In order to promote the benefits of BCH to online and brick-and-mortar retailers, launched Bitcoin Cash Register for Android devices. developers didn’t stop there and on May 24 our programmers released the iOS version of Bitcoin Cash Register, which can now be downloaded from Apple’s App Store. Launches Free Bitcoin Cash Register Platform for iOS Devices
The Bitcoin Cash Register iOS application can be downloaded here. It’s easy to set up as no account and no registration is needed.

Bitcoin Cash Register is a simple point-of-sale (PoS) application that allows anyone to accept BCH payments at any retail location. Like the Android platform, the iOS version just requires a valid bitcoin cash address to get started. If you are an Apple device owner, simply go to the App Store and search for the “Bitcoin Cash Register” app. You can then download’s PoS platform, which is roughly 21MB in size. After the download finishes, you can open the platform and the application will have you create a 4-digit PIN code and then confirm the code again to make sure it’s correct. The 4-digit PIN can be shared with other employees and is also used to access the settings section so you can make any necessary changes.

After the PIN is set, the first thing you will want to do is add a valid BCH address to the PoS system and customize the name of your shop. To access the settings section, press the gear icon on the top left-hand side of the screen. The interface will then prompt you to type in your 4-digit PIN to get started. In the settings section, you can add a company name, add the bitcoin cash destination address, set the local fiat currency (choosing from 150+ fiat currencies), and also change the PIN code. When adding a receiving address, you have to give the app permission to access the camera on the iOS device and then you can scan any BCH address by simply using a traditional QR code. You can also copy and paste a public BCH address into the destination address field. After you are satisfied with the custom settings for your shop, you are ready to accept bitcoin cash for payments. Launches Free Bitcoin Cash Register Platform for iOS Devices

Spreading Mass Adoption One Merchant at a Time

Bitcoin Cash Register works just like the name implies, as the user interface looks like a register where you can type in any amount to ring someone up. Say you want to create an invoice for $5.99: type the number into the register and press the green check mark symbol. After that, the platform will create an invoice for the amount in bitcoin cash. The $5.99 will be converted to the approximate exchange rate for BCH and the interface provides a scannable QR code for payment. All the buyer has to do is scan the QR code with a Wallet or any BCH wallet that allows you to scan QR code addresses. Once the invoice is paid, on the retail side a list of completed transactions is provided in the history section. Launches Free Bitcoin Cash Register Platform for iOS Devices

Our new Bitcoin Cash Register app for iOS and Android devices is part of our mission to continue bolstering crypto adoption worldwide. The set up is very easy and there’s no account registration needed. Every bitcoin cash transaction is done in a noncustodial manner. Moreover, BCH provides lightning fast settlement for less than a penny per transaction and every payment is irreversible, while still giving the retailer the option to do refunds if required. We’re excited to launch’s open source Bitcoin Cash Register platform which delivers all the benefits of economic freedom through a true peer-to-peer cash system.

What do you think about the Bitcoin Cash Register platform? Let us know what you think and give us some feedback in the comments section below.

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Bitcoin Price ‘Coiling Up’ For $10K, Says Max Keiser As Tether Hits Record $3B Market Cap

Bitcoin industry figures are throwing their weight behind predictions Bitcoin price will reach $10,000 soon as Tether’s market cap passes $3 billion.

$10K BTC Next?

Stablecoin Tether, whose issuing company has continued its activities as normal despite an ongoing US court case, increased its supply by 100 million USDT tokens May 24.

The release coincided with Bitcoin price reclaiming its position at $8000, where it has mostly stayed since, reaching local highs of $8170 Friday.

Now, bulls are poised to welcome another significant Bitcoin price barrier returning: $10,000 – a level BTC has not seen since March last year.

Among them was Max Keiser, who linked to a mainstream media analysis suggesting Bitcoin was “coiling up” in order to hit a five-figure price. The wall street veteran previously reaffirmed that BTC is on its way to $100,000, saying it’s inevitable as the BTC still hasn’t reached its full potential.

max keiser bitcoin price prediction

As Bitcoinist has reported, printing of USDT traditionally impacts Bitcoin price, introducing volatility while sustaining BTC/USD 00.

In April, after several weeks of supply inflation, Tether’s $2.83 billion market cap broadly mirrored Bitcoin’s performance through the month. Since April 1, BTC has transformed, going from $4100 to $8100.

Tether Court Case Loses Steam

For Tether, pressure which began later in April with an indictment against both it and sister company, exchange Bitfinex, has also lessened in recent days.

A New York court dealing with accusations of mismanagement from the jurisdiction’s Attorney General appears to be increasingly in favor of the defendants, Bitcoinist reported. Having agreed the charges brought by the AG were overly wide, the presiding judge, Joel M. Cohen, has scheduled a hearing to dismiss the case entirely on July 29.

“We welcome Justice Cohen’s decision, which reflects that our motion raises significant legal challenges to the validity of the Attorney General’s actions,” Tether responded in a statement this week.

This order is another victory in the ongoing defense of our businesses against the New York Attorney General’s overreach, and it comes on the heels of Justice Cohen’s ruling last week granting our motion to significantly narrow the injunction against our businesses obtained by the Attorney General.

Executives have further revealed that as yet unknown “big news” will shortly be made public.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin markets more generally appear less fazed by events from within the ecosystem in the 2019 bull market. Worries over a hack of fellow exchange Binance earlier in May, like the court case, only succeeded in suppressing Bitcoin price for a matter of days before a rebound set in.

What do you think about Tether’s market cap and Bitcoin price impact? Let us know in the comments below!

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Facebook Globalcoin: Bitcoin Killer or Bitcoin Multiplier?

Globalcoin: Bitcoin Killer or Bitcoin Multiplier?

It may sound like a 2014-era shitcoin, but Globalcoin is this year’s most anticipated new digital asset. It doesn’t matter that it’s not decentralized, not permissionless, and not even crypto. The only question that really matters is what does Facebook’s currency spell for bitcoin? Will it steal its thunder or accelerate bitcoin adoption?

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Globalcoin: Coming Soon to a World Near You

If Mark Zuckerberg had hoped to convince the world that he’s a normal guy, and not a shape-shifting Illuminati reptilian, Globalcoin has scuppered that. It’s the name that satirists would have dubbed Facebook’s forthcoming currency, had Zuck not gone and claimed it for himself. Like Facebook itself, Globalcoin (GC) is easy to mock and easier to meme, but away from the easy one-liners, what’s known about the coin and what effect – if any – will it have on cryptocurrency?

GC is scheduled to launch in Q1 2020. Lest confirmation were needed as to how entrenched in the legacy financial system Zuck bucks will be, Facebook’s CEO has reportedly met with Bank of England governor Mark Carney as well as seeking advice from the U.S. Treasury. Project Libra, as the program is known, has been one of the world’s worst kept secrets since 2018, when it emerged that Facebook was seeking to hire blockchain developers for a covert monetary project.

GC will be nothing more than another fiat-pegged stablecoin, which is unremarkable. The coin’s real power comes in the network effects that can be leveraged to get the currency into the hands of billions, including Facebook users who don’t have bank accounts. The benefits this could bring to Facebook-loyal consumers, who can seamlessly use the coin in-app (be it FB, Insta, or Whatsapp) to pay friends and purchase goods, are substantial. But the benefits this powerful new trove of data will bring Facebook are bigger still.

A Cash Grab From the World’s Data Despots

Facebook’s extremely shitty attitude towards protecting user privacy does not need reiterating. Indeed, it is hard to think of a worse qualified custodian of a global digital currency. For all its crimes though – deplatforming, unauthorized data sharing, censorship and flagrant privacy violations – Facebook remains the world’s dominant social network. People are inherently complacent and, save for a handful of privacy purists, there has been no mass exodus of users in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal and similar abuses. It doesn’t matter how much data Globalcoin harvests or who it’s shared with: if the coin works seamlessly, people will use it.

As for quite how crypto Facebook’s crypto is, the answer is “not very.” As a permissioned currency, just like the permissioned social network it lives inside, it’s irrelevant whether GC runs on a blockchain or an SQL database. No amount of nodes or validators will change the fact that your globalcoins are only yours provided you use them for the purpose that Zuckerberg intended. Play by the rules, and you’ll be just fine. Step out of line, however, and expect to see your account balance emptied and wallet frozen. As Bloomberg put it, “More than 2 billion users spending one currency, controlled by one billionaire. What’s to worry about?,” noting that Dr Evil would love Globalcoin.

What Globalcoin Means for Bitcoin

As for what GC means for bitcoin, there are essentially two schools of thought. One holds that GC holds a genuine threat in giving the masses the benefits of crypto – fast settlement, low fees, wrapped in a package that even grandma can understand – with none of the downsides, such as volatility, complexity, or the irreversible loss of funds. In this paradigm, GC will replace BTC as a medium of exchange (MoE), leaving bitcoin to serve as a store of value (SoV) and for payments that fall outside of Facebook’s purview – like buying drugs. If this comes to pass, then GC could also threaten other MoE cryptos such as BCH, LTC, and DASH.

The other school of thought holds that Globalcoin will serve as a Trojan horse, or gateway drug, to bitcoin. Through normalizing the use of digital currency, it will make the transition to permissionless crypto seem less scary, ensuring that bitcoin is primely placed to onboard the masses when they tire of GC’s limitations: the privacy concerns, the data abuses, and the limited means of spending. In this context, Zuckerberg’s vanilla crypto will get bested by bitcoin, which can outmuscle it on all fronts, save for network effects. With an estimated 30 million cryptocurrency users versus 2.4 billion Facebook users, Globalcoin will launch with a massive advantage.

Love, hate, or fear it, Globalcoin merely represents the inevitable evolution of money. The majority of our spending has already gravitated to the digital realm, be it Paypal, Apple Pay, Visa, Venmo or bitcoin. With the underlying payment network being abstracted away while cash dies a slow death, Globalcoin will take a seat at the table of digital payment solutions, despite offering nothing new. As has been reiterated many times over, bitcoin doesn’t need to take over the world to succeed: it simply needs to survive. It is highly probable that Globalcoin will gain more users in its first month than bitcoin ever has or ever will. That metric, however, is meaningless.

When Facebook users tire of being surveilled, censored, and sold out, bitcoin will be there, as sound money that is beholden to no one and available to everyone.

What are your thoughts on Globalcoin? Let us know in the comments section below.

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News Fix: TransferWise Takes Care of Early Investors, Employees


Transferring money across borders is a painful experience. Wire transfers can be slow and expensive. And the paperwork is extensive.

Western Union and MoneyGram are no picnic either. From the time it takes to transfer money, to the inconvenience of doing so, it’s not a pleasant experience.

And that’s the reason so many people are hopeful cryptocurrency will provide a long-term solution.

But fintech startup TransferWise isn’t waiting to see if crypto proves to be the ultimate solution. It’s disrupting the money transfer business right now. And with a valuation of $3.5 billion, it just became Europe’s most valuable fintech startup (CNBC).

TransferWise is lowering fees and making it easy and convenient to transfer money across borders for consumers. And because TransferWise could stay private for several more years, it’s also making it easier for early investors and employees to get some early returns on their investment.

TransferWise just completed a secondary share sale for $292 million. Vitruvian Partners, Lone Pine Capital and Lead Edge Capital bought stakes in TransferWise in a secondary share sale. The money raised by the secondary sale will go directly to TransferWise employees and early investors who wanted to sell some of their shares.

Hopefully, these secondary share sales will become a trend. Startups are staying private longer than they ever have. From 1976 to 1996, the median age of companies going public was 7.8 years old. That rose to 10.7 years for companies going public between 1997 and 2016 (Credit Suisse).

The reason startups can stay private longer now is that venture capitalists are willing to invest large amounts of money during a startup’s growth stage. And with all the money sloshing around private markets, this trend is just going to continue. TransferWise co-founder Taavet Hinrikus told CNBC he’s not planning on taking his 8-year-old company public soon.

“While we believe we’ll be a public company eventually, that doesn’t help us do what we want to do in the next couple of years,” he said.

Organized secondary share sales are a nice way to reward early investors and employees who invested in a vision before the proof was there. Hopefully, other companies will follow their lead.

Now to the News Fix.


Square looks to fill payments void: The marijuana industry sits in a weird legal place. Medical marijuana is legal in 33 states and Washington, D.C. Recreational marijuana is legal in 10 states and D.C. But because marijuana is illegal at the federal level, perfectly legal pot companies have difficulty accessing the banking system. Banks don’t want to violate their federal charters by doing business with pot companies. Some banks are so conservative that they even refuse business from hemp and hemp-based CBD companies. And hemp-based CBD is legal at the federal level!

If you don’t have access to the banking system, it’s tough to process credit and debit card payments. That really limits the industry.

Square is trying to change that. The popular payments company has rolled out a solution for companies selling CBD products. It’s an invitation-only beta program right now (Forbes).

We don’t know how many companies are participating in this trial. But if it takes off, it could be a game changer for the CBD space.

Massachusetts dispensaries get acquired: Canadian marijuana company Cannabis Strategies Acquisition Corp. has bought Sira Naturals, which operates three Boston-area medical marijuana dispensaries. Sira Naturals also has licenses to manufacture and transport recreational marijuana. The sale was approved by Massachusetts regulators this week (MassLive).


AI taking over sales: has figured out how to use artificial intelligence to give sales people the exact information they need to convince you to buy more stuff. Scary? Yep. But customers are lining up to use its service. Its clients have already closed $100 billion in sales using the platform. The startup just raised $60 million at a $500 million valuation (TechCrunch).

Arya Stark launches startup: The Fix is going to binge-watch the final season of Game of Thrones at some point this summer. But this story was too juicy to resist. Maisie Williams, who played Arya Stark in the series, has started a social networking and collaboration platform for content creators and talent (actors, actresses, etc.). The goal is to create new ways for talent to get discovered and projects to be made. The social network, named Daisie, already has 100,000 members. And the startup has raised about $3 million in funds from investors like Founders Fund, 8VC, Kleiner Perkins and Shrug Capital (TechCrunch).


Facebook’s “GlobalCoin” may launch next year: More leaks from the Facebook crypto project! Facebook is calling its new cryptocurrency “GlobalCoin” internally. And it hopes to begin testing it at the end of 2019 and release it for use in the first quarter of 2020 (BBC).

GlobalCoin lacks originality. But the scheduled release dates are interesting. By pushing to test the coin later this year, Facebook is showing an extraordinary level of commitment to this project. The social media giant isn’t just dabbling here. It’s going big on crypto.

Binance adding margin trading: Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange by volume, is adding margin trading to its offerings (Cointelegraph). Margin trading, which involves using borrowed funds to trade an asset, appeals to wealthier investors and institutional investors.

And that’s your News Fix!

Have a great Memorial Day weekend.

Vin Narayanan

Senior Managing Editor, Early Investing

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‘Pay Me In Bitcoin’ – More NFL Players Join The Revolution

nfl bitcoin

Russell Okung’s Bitcoin epiphany and Matt Barkley’s mining revelation have started a groundswell of interest across the NFL. More and more players want teams to ‘Pay me in Bitcoin’.

NFL Players ︎ Bitcoin

The love affair between American Football stars and Bitcoin came to the fore just two weeks ago and has blossomed since then. It all started innocuously enough, with a Random tweet from LA Chargers Offensive Tackle, Russell Okung: “Pay me in Bitcoin”.

But Okung wasn’t done. 16 minutes later after some more pondering, he was back. “How dope would it be to see an ESPN headline with an athlete being paid in $BTC?”

Naturally, Crypto-Twitter jumped all over this, giving Okung “so much love” and the tools and information to continue on his journey to enlightenment.

For his part, Okung has been happy to give the salivating CT monster what it wants; dropping pro-Bitcoin tweets on the reg. He has likened his crypto-awakening to ‘taking the red pill’, and questioned: “How could something so wrong make me feel so right?”

I’m part of the revolution. Long $BTC, short the bankers.

Meanwhile Pomp Outed Another NFL Bitcoiner

The day after Okung’s original tweet, Anthony Pompliano posted that NFL Quarterback, Matt Barkley, had tried to get two previous teams to pay him in Bitcoin, with no success.

Again, Crypto-Twitter came forth with praise, advice and the offer of free stuff. Trezor offered to hook him and his team-mates up with free hardware wallets, to which Barkley replied he was “all about @Ledger”.

But perhaps most surprising was his reply to the suggestion that he get some ‘skin in the game’ and start mining bitcoin. “Already am mining,” he revealed. How deep does this rabbit-hole go?

If Only There Was A Way?…

Just yesterday, Okung tweeted that “A couple of players are hitting me up about Bitcoin. Yes, I’m serious!”

But this is a little more than just team-mates interested in their buddy’d new hobby. You see, Okung is a Vice President of the NFL Players Association, a body which “assures proper recognition and representation of players’ interests.”

If anybody can push this call for salaries paid in  BTC, it should be him. And with services like Bitwage available, this is becoming easier than ever.

Oh, and of course, this proves gold-bug Peter Schiff even wronger.

Will NFL players ever get paid in bitcoin? Share your thoughts below!

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Determine Which Coins Can Bring You Profit With RSI Hunter

Check Which Coins Can Bring You Profit With RSI Hunter

Crypto markets, regardless of their bearish or bullish incline, offer plenty of opportunities to profit from trading. To take advantage of them, you need access to reliable market data and useful indicators. RSI Hunter is a platform that can help you to identify coins that have potential for growth based on their current market positions.

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Website Shows Oversold and Overbought Cryptos

The RSI Hunter website lists hundreds of cryptocurrencies and tokens classifying them as oversold, neutral or overbought. Its analysis is based on data pulled from leading digital asset exchanges like Binance, Okex, Bittrex, and others. It also uses several base currencies such as BTC, BNB and USDT to produce comparable results.

Besides choosing a trading platform and a base currency, you can set different timeframes as well – from one minute to one week. RSI Hunter will then offer you examples in all three mentioned categories. The price of each crypto is shown both in U.S. dollars and the respective base currency, along with weekly and monthly highs and lows. Prices and relative strength indexes are updated every minute.

Determine Which Coins Can Bring You Profit With RSI Hunter

The tables contain a number of relevant indicators including moving average, standard deviation and average volume for various time periods. RSI Hunter supplies you with charts as well, which show the 14-day percentage change in the prices of the coins and tokens. A pivot point is estimated for each cryptocurrency.

To stay in touch with major crypto markets at all times, you can also use Bitcoin Markets. The tool has been developed by to provide you with real-time data about the prices and market valuations of hundreds of coins. You can view charts showing changes in price, capitalization, hashrate, and fees for both BCH and BTC using the Bitcoin Charts page.

What other sources showing oversold and overbought crypto assets do you know? Tell us in the comments section below.

Disclaimer: Readers should do their own due diligence before taking any actions related to third party companies or any of their affiliates or services. is not responsible, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with the use of or reliance on any third party content, goods or services mentioned in this article.

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Enjoy the easiest way to buy Bitcoin online with us. Download your free Bitcoin wallet and head to our Purchase Bitcoin page where you can buy BCH and BTC securely.

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How To Send Bitcoin Lightning Payments With No Invoice

bitcoin lightning network invoice

Ever wish that you could make a Bitcoin Lightning Network payment, without the rigmarole of receiving an invoice first? Well, you can…

Lightning Network is one of the most exciting current developments in the Bitcoin space and gaining features all the time. But payments require the payee to first issue an invoice, which isn’t always ideal. Developers are looking at ways to address this issue, but there is a method to do it now, using a circular route.

Bitcoin Sent To Me, To You, To Me

The basic concept is that you invoice and pay yourself. The desired transaction amount is simply left with the intended recipient as an overpaid forwarding fee. This ‘circular routing’ method works with all current Lightning node implementations.

Okay, so there is an invoice… but it is self-generated, so there is no need to wait for the payee to issue it. They are just added into the payment route for the ‘fee’ drop-off.

You can find a more in-depth explanation in the video below.

It’s Not All Champagne And Roses

Obviously, because this is a ‘hack’ and not a feature, there are certain risks and downsides:

  • Because of the longer route and small return payment, there will be slightly increased fees and failure probability.
  • There is nothing to identify the money as an expected payment. To the payee, it appears just like usual fees.
  • Both sender and receiver must be well-connected nodes with sufficient liquidity for the circular route.

And the big issue is one of security. The route from A to B is likely to pass through other nodes, as is the route back from B to A. If the same malicious actor controls an intermediary node in both directions, they can steal the money, by re-routing and skipping B altogether.

When Lightning?

So yes, this is currently just a hack, and an imperfect one at that, but the entire Lightning Network is still just an experiment. It would be great to see a secure version of this workaround implemented as a feature. But then it will be better still when LN is secure and stable enough to not have to keep describing itself as ‘in testing’.

As we discovered yesterday from another experiment, Lightning payments are crucial for Bitcoin’s mass adoption. Certainly, in the consumer market, vending-machine-type micro-payments, are one killer app that people demand.

Major institutional investment has been ‘just around the corner’ for over a year now, and we still don’t know where that ‘corner’ is. Mass adoption will come quicker with a two-pronged approach, from both institutions and consumers.

You ask, “When moon?”

My answer, “When Lightning!”

Have you tried the Bitcoin Lightning Network? Share your experiences below!

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Bitcoin Is Back At $8000 – Can It Finally Break-Up The 2019 High? BTC Price Analysis & Overview

On our previous price analysis, we have mentioned the fragility of the $8000 level and that Bitcoin was steady for the past couple of days.

Shortly after, we did see a massive drop below $7500 in Bitcoin’s price. However, following the drop, Bitcoin kept its strength and kept up the $7500 – $7600 significant support level, and since then we saw a bullish move surpassing the $8000 and retesting $8200.

After getting rejected by the $8200 resistance, Bitcoin is back to our previous analysis’ situation, whereas the coin is trading around the $8000 mark.

Total Market Cap: $249.5 Billion

Bitcoin Market Cap: $141.4 Billion

BTC Dominance: 56.7%

Looking at the 1-day & 4-hour charts

– Support/Resistance:
As mentioned, Bitcoin is trading around the $8000 mark. Breaking above and the next barrier is the $8200 and then the 2019 high at $8400 (which got rejected twice so far). The next possible targets or resistance levels are $8500, $8800 and $9000. Further resistance lies at $9600 – $10,000 area.

From below, the closest support lies at this current price level. Below lies the $7800 before getting down to the $7600 support. The next significant support area is at $7200 – $7300. Further below is the $7,000 zone.

– Trading Volume: Following the above, we can see that the volume is not significant. The direction for the coming future hadn’t been decided yet.

– Daily chart’s RSI: The drop below $7500 is reflected on the RSI, as the indicator dropped to 60 where it found support. The RSI is now around 64, which is relatively low compared to 2019, however, still bullish.
A bullish sign might be coming from the Stochastic RSI oscillator, as it was recently crossing over in the oversold area.

– BitFinex open short positions: there are 19 K BTC open short positions.

BTC/USD BitStamp 4-Hour Chart


BTC/USD BitStamp 1-Day Chart


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Litecoin Lights Up – 18% Surge With 73 Days to Halving

litecoin price LTC

Another crypto correction was quashed this week as Bitcoin failed to fall lower than $7,500. This has increased the general momentum for altcoins and today’s top performer by a clear margin is Litecoin which has surged 18 percent on the day.

LTC Sees 18% Surge

Total market capitalization is back over $250 billion and the altcoins are starting to rev up. The only one in double digits at the time of writing is Litecoin as it pumps around 18 percent on the day.

LTC 00 was pretty flat at around $88 this time yesterday. It started to move a few hours ago, topping out at $105. Daily volume has jumped from $3.2 billion to $6 billion pushing LTC market cap up to $6.4 billion. This has enabled it to power past EOS and take the fifth spot.

Litecoin price 48 hours –

Litecoin is a stalwart of the crypto world; it has been around since 2011 and survived many bear markets. This year alone LTC has made an epic 240 percent, outperforming the majority of its brethren, including big brother Bitcoin.

Litecoin is currently trading at a new 2019 high and the highest it has been since June 2018.

Litecoin Halving in 73 Days

The current momentum is likely coming from the halving event which is predicted to occur on August 6, just 73 days away. The block mining reward halves every 840,000 blocks, and this one will see it decrease from 25 to 12.5 coins. This effectively increases scarcity and decreases inflation – a Litecoin becomes more valuable. Investors can see this supply drop correlate with an increase in demand which will drive price action.

Bull runs usually occur before halving events and with just ten weeks to go this one could send LTC even higher. Crypto trader ‘Crypto Cactus’ has taken a look at the charts and agrees, with many others, that Litecoin will continue to trade higher as the halving approaches;

$LTC not going long into resistance but will be slowing starting to add to my bag as we head straight towards the next halving in roughly 75 days for #litecoin. Wouldn’t expect something crazy but likely price will follow speculation and hype as we get closer to 6th august 2019.

Others have taken a more extreme look and compared fractals from the massive surge in late 2017 that sent Litecoin from where it is now at around $100 to over $350 in less than a month;

The next few days will be critical for Litecoin. $100 is a key resistance level and the price pulled back last time it was reached on May 16. Accumulation opportunities will arise if it repeats the correction, but the opposite could see LTC get to its next resistance zone around $125 very quickly.

How high will Litecoin go this time? Add your thoughts below.

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New Jersey Legislators Vote Unanimously in Favor of Blockchain Bill

Hands Raising up to a Blockchain

A bill looking to study the integration of blockchain technology into the recordkeeping and service delivery processes of the state, county, and municipal governments of New Jersey has been approved unanimously. The legislation has now been passed to the Governor’s desk, according to a press release on May 23, 2019. Vainieri-Zwicker Bill Gets the Greenlight

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