Breaking Scam Alert: Binance, Coinbase and Other Major Crypto Twitter Accounts Hacked

An ongoing scam is being promoted on Twitter through some of the biggest accounts of major cryptocurrency companies and proponents.

These include the world’s leading exchange, Binance, the US-based exchange Coinbase, as well as the account of one of the best-known Bitcoin proponents, AngeloBTC and even Wynklevoss’ Gemini.

Ongoing Crypto Scam

In the past few minutes, some of the most popular cryptocurrency Twitter accounts have been compromised.

A message about a partnership with a company called Crypto For Health appears on the Twitter accounts of some of the leading companies. At the time of this moment, these include Binance, Coinbase, Kucoin, and Gemini. Moreover, another popular account – that of Angelo BTC, has also retweeted the fake partnership, signaling that it might also be compromised.

The CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao, acknowledged the attack and prompted everybody to stay away from the link and to report the official Binance channel to Twitter’s support.

Users Got Scammed Already

Despite the quick reaction of CZ, the attackers continue to compromise popular accounts. For the sake of this article, we opened the link and it was immediately flagged as a phishing attempt. However, if a user doesn’t have the necessary precautionary measures installed, it’s not hard to fall victim to the scammers.

As a matter of fact, reports are starting to circle that the address that scammers are using is already raking in hefty profits.

Data shows that the address has already received upwards of 0.65 BTC at the time of this writing, worth almost $6,000.

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