Bridge IEO Will Launch Tomorrow: TRON’s First Smart Contract Oracle System

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14th September 2020, Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA: One of the largest blockchain-based decentralized operating systems, TRON is a highly scalable and reliable network that has one of the most effective smart contract environments. Bridge Oracle revolutionizes the whole smart contract scenario with a solution that will make these digital contracts the norm for regular people.

Centralized Data in a Decentralized Contract

Digitally coded, smart contracts change how people interact, hardwiring instructions on when, how, and under what conditions the contract should be executed or canceled, including information on how rights or ownership be transferred. Automated, these contracts are trustless and do not require a middleman to ensure that they are honored.


Built for a variety of purposes, from salary disbursements to real estate purchases, smart contracts are manipulation-proof, unalterable, and cannot be forcibly closed or terminated. This makes them very powerful tools in creating any sort of agreement without the worry of fraud. As attractive as they are for this purpose, however, smart contracts are subject to one failure: the integrity of the inflowing data.

Smart contracts rely on people or organizations to feed that data. This data is centralized and, no matter how good or strong a smart contract is, if this information is manipulated or tampered with, the smart contract could still execute in favor of the manipulating parties.

Bridge Oracle: Breaking Silos

Bridge Oracle eliminates this glaring weakness of smart contracts by ensuring that data sets pass on accurate and precise information to its requesters.

This means that TRON-based smart contracts will now feed on manipulation-free, accurate data to ensure contracts execute as they should. In addition, Bridge Oracle offers the following advantages:

  • Open Source: With nothing to hide, the data is public and details are available for everyone to see, eliminating any attempt to tamper with it.
  • Multi Data Sources: Bridge Oracle connects to multiple data sets, allowing users to select the one that fits their needs.
  • Custom Oracles: Firms and organizations can connect their data to the network, letting smart contract developers gain access, with firms earning through selling the data.
  • Flexible: Bridge Oracle can allow for import of any data that can be used as proof in the smart contracts.
  • Choice of TRX or BRG: Users will have the option to pay for services rendered in either TRON’s native TRX token, or Bridge Oracle’s token, BRG.

Bridging the Gap

To enable enterprises, organizations, and people to have their smart contracts executed properly with oracle systems, Bridge Oracle network is powered by its own native coin, the Bridge Token (BRG). BRG will be used as a medium of exchange for accessing and providing oracle databases on the platform. Bridge Oracle also allows Tron’s TRX tokens to be used, but if users agree to receive and send BRG for the services, they will receive discounts.

Bridge will hold an exclusive Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) on crypto trading platform tomorrow, on 15th September 2020. BRG will also be available for trading on decentralized trading platform JustSwap, as well as Klever and Digifinex exchanges. Users of TronLink and TronWallet are also able to trade tokens and acquire BRG.

Bridge Oracle is powered by a world-class team with vast industry experience:

  • Hakan Estavi: An early adopter of cryptocurrencies, Hakan has been in the industry since 2016 and currently is the CEO of Oracle Bridge.
  • Hassan Golmohammadi: The CTO, Hassan holds a degree in Project Management and Control. He is also the Head of Blockchain Research and Development Laboratory at Skills Malaysia.
  • Keyvan Abedi: A pioneer of smart contracts, Keyvan has been building the digital automated agreements since the rise of Ethereum.

Apart from the core team, Bridge Oracle also has a strong group of industry specialists as advisors:

  • Mate Tokay: CO founder and former CEO of, Mate is an influential personality and one of the biggest proponents of blockchain.
  • Sydney Ifergan: With more than two decades of experience, Sydney is the Senior Advisor to Bridge Oracle. He is CEO of Currency Analytics, a firm dedicated to stamping out fake news about cryptocurrencies. He is also the honorary advisor for Hong Kong Blockchain & Financial Association.
  • Mike McCarthy: A well-respected blockchain community member and ardent supporter of TRON, Mike has been building and testing dApps and promoting secure and safe standards for smart contract platforms for years.

These well-versed experts and advisory help make Bridge Oracle the perfect solution to today’s silo-like nature of data for smart contracts.

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