Cardstack Founder Chris Tse Talks About His Vision

Cryptopotato had the pleasure of interviewing Chris Tse, who is the founding director of Cardstack. The project aims to develop the experience layer of the decentralized internet and solve problems such as, improving the user experience and actually improving the usability of the blockchain technology. Cardstack wants to develop an open internet that is in favor of the end users.

The need for Cardstack arises due to tech giants that monopolize the market and capture the major market value of any new technology. A similar trend was observed for cryptocurrencies too. After Bitcoin gained prominence in the last few years, numerous large tech companies started mining and buying Bitcoin and this hoarding has mainly created a centralized atmosphere for this purely decentralized technology.

In the interview, Max discusses the main points of Cardstack and their point of origin. To explain the project in a better way, Max first asks about the main problem that Cardstack is trying to solve.

To this question, Chris replies that “Cardstack project is really about building the experience layer of the blockchain network.” That is the best explanation of the project itself, because as explained above, the project is focused on building a new user experience for blockchain enthusiasts and solving the issues that are currently found in the industry. Chris further explains that the project is aimed at improving the experience of users with the blockchain industry.

The core team behind the project includes Chris himself, who has a Computer Science (CS) degree from Columbia. Moreover, Chris has a team of dedicated developers that is led by Ed Faulkner, who works with the project to provide the best user experience for blockchain users.

Chris explains that Faulkner is extremely important to the project because of his experience and his ability to understand the requirements of the users. Faulkner is responsible for ensuring the transformation of technology from conventional to the blockchain.

Cardstack is really about composable software and that is why the project is known as Cardstack, as it allows different applications to be stacked like cards for perfect optimization.

The platform is backed by the Cardstack Token (CARD), which is an ERC-20 compliant token, based on the Ethereum blockchain. Chris explains that the existence of such a token that allows the transfer of value is imperative, if the company aims to defeat the Google monopoly.

Decentralizing the application will provide the end-users with more control over their payments and allow them to use the functionalities, which were previously very ineffective.

Cardstack has already raised more than $35 million US in a very successful ICO which ended on the first of June. The advice Chris gives to other ICO projects is that they should thoroughly research their topics before starting the project. A complete vison boosts the trust of customers and comprehensive paperwork is very useful when dealing with the customers.

The interview goes on discussing various factors of the Cardstack network and they discuss and Max discusses the best practices of the industry, asking Chris for advice about how to successfully carry out ICOs and ensure the success of their products.

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