3 Stocks to Bet on Blockchain

Blockchain technology, the software behind bitcoin, has been heralded as a potential trillion-dollar innovation. But investors have few ways to invest in the technology, which is still in its infancy and has attracted as many skeptics as proponents.

There are multiple exchange-traded funds that hold companies that have made blockchain investments, but their actual exposure to the technology is minimal.

What’s an investor to do? JPMorgan analyst Sterling Auty has some ideas. Auty is optimistic about the technology. He thinks that “permissionless blockchain,” software like bitcoin that is open to anyone, is comparable to “the World Wide Web in 1998,” even if most businesses that currently use blockchain technology are “permissioned,” meaning they don’t allow public access. And in a report last week, he picked three stocks that could benefit from blockchain over the long-term…

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Could Ripple (XRP) be at $5 when 2019 starts?

If you follow the crypto market at all you already know the bear has been hugging us all year, and, despite a few fluctuations, not just Ripple’s XRP, value for most tokens has been going steadily down since last December. We all know that every market alternates between bullish and bearish runs, which means that the current bearish trend is bound to finish. It’s just that we don’t know when that will happen.

Well, according to current technical market analysis for XRP it seems that the signs are there for Ripple’s token to break the bear’s hug at last. The current charts for XRP show that it could be about to explode (still, don’t quote our words).

So far Bitcoin’s downward trend has been limiting the market’s growth. This is true for XRP as much as it’s been for Tron, Cardano, and many other coins as most of them can only be acquired through exchanges in which you can only get those other coins if you buy Bitcoin first. But it seems that XRP could be the first cryptocurrency to break that trend.

XRP has been going up, if silently, for some time now and it’s broken the market’s downward trend. It’s even fighting with ETH to become the world’s second cryptocurrency by market capitalization (and it’s held that spot for a few times over the recent weeks).

Even if Bitcoin’s is still stopping it from breaking out, because of pegging in exchanges and trades, it’s been growing slowly but steadily, and the project is…

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Where to Put Your Money in a Bear Crypto Market?

With Bitcoin down 68% and a number of top cryptocurrencies having lost over 90% of their value from their all-time high (ATH), where exactly one should invest their money in a bearish crypto market.

Crypto Winter: Bear market of 2018

Cryptocurrencies have lost more than 50 percent of their value since they reached their peaks in early January. Bitcoin (BTC) is currently down over 68 percent from its all-time high (ATH) in mid-December at approximately $19,500.

Ethereum (ETH) and XRP, the top cryptos are more than 85 percent down from their high in mid-January at about $1,400 and $3.85 respectively.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Cardano (ADA), IOTA (MIOTA), Dash, Tron (TRX), Lisk (LSK), NEO, Verge (XVG), and QTUM have lost more than 90 percent of their peak values.

Tether (USDT), the stable coin which is pegged by a dollar is also below $1 at $0.998, down over 17% from January peak at $1.21.

The volatility has dropped to the lowest this year which is not at all encouraging for the investors to sink their feet into crypto waters. Moreover, the daily trading volume in the market has also taken a hit and registering low numbers.

Investing in a Bear Market

Nonetheless, New Wave Capital, a fully registered investment adviser co-founded by Albert Cheng and Stewart Hauser that was launched in July says the customers are still…

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J.P. Morgan sees 3 potential long-term stock winners from blockchain

  • Blockchain technology, made famous by cryptocurrencies, is still relatively new and not easy to get exposure to as an investor.
  • J.P. Morgan listed three public companies that could benefit long-term from the emerging tech and have nothing to do with bitcoin.
  • “Investors should be looking to identify where the opportunity to replace a middleman is the biggest, or where trust is needed where none exists, or what companies are the best positioned to offer blockchain as a service,” J.P. Morgan software equity research analyst Sterling Auty says.

Despite blockchain’s corporate buzz this year, the technology can be tricky to get exposure to as an investor, unless you’re buying bitcoin.

To give clients some less controversial options, J.P. Morgan named three public companies who are potential long-term winners in the emerging technology.

The firm predicted software companies will use blockchain in a similar way to how many currently claim the benefit of machine learning and artificial intelligence. But there are few that J.P. Morgan says will create “material incremental growth opportunities” from the technology.

“Investors should be looking to identify where the opportunity to replace a middleman is the biggest, or where trust is needed where none exists, or what companies are the best positioned to offer blockchain as a service,” J.P. Morgan software equity research analyst Sterling Auty said in a note to clients Thursday.

J.P. Morgan’s bets for that disruption are “middleman displacement opportunities” and “Blockchain as a Service,” which the firm calls “BaaS.” In the bank’s coverage at least three names fit that criteria…

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Find Out: What Stands Between Bitcoin and a $7,200 Price Value?

From the onset of this article, I would like to let the reader know that I am not a Technical Analysis expert. Any further opinion in this piece is based purely on fundamentals and observations. Therefore, looking at the performance of BTC since the expiration of last month’s CME Bitcoin Futures contracts on the 26th of October, we can easily tell that it has a price momentum of moving past the $6,600 level experienced by some traders only a few hours ago.

Effect of BTC Futures

Traditionally, whenever Bitcoin futures contracts offered by either CME or CBOE expire, we experience a decline in value of not only BTC, but the entire spectrum of cryptocurrencies. However, something unique happened in the month of October. Bitcoin managed to maintain levels above $6,400 leading up to the expiring Futures contracts on the 26th.

Many savvy traders had anticipated that BTC would show some excitement soon after the expiration, and probably go up in value by a few hundred dollars…

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Ripple’s On Fire: XRP Surges 20% In 24 Hours (Here Is Why)

Ripple is unstoppable after having the past few months full of positive events for the project. The cryptocurrency has increased its value from $0.46 to a current daily high of $0.57 – which is nearly a 20% rise – in a matter of 24 hours. Ripple’s current market cap is $21.6 B, very close to replacing Ethereum for the second biggest cryptocurrency, following last month’s flippening.

XRP-USD Chart. Source: TradingView

Ripple’s latest hype (as reported on CryptoPotato)

On our report from 10 days ago, Ripple has achieved significant progress in boosting its ecosystem with new partnerships, solutions, and more. On October 23, the organization’s cryptocurrency has got a dedicated exchange, which is entirely XRP-based. A day before, a digital currency loan platform – Nexo – has added the coin as a collateral option for the service’s instant crypto loans.

While the cryptocurrency exchange Changelly has added support for XRP and another exchange Coinbase has been provided an NYDFS license for custody services for the third largest coin, Ripple has been on the rise with new partnerships. The most significant of them all is the organization’s rumored partnership with the National Bank of Kuwait. However, other institutions, such as Sri Lanka’s ComBank and the Texas-based Catalyst Corporate Federal Credit Union, are exploring Ripple’s payment services.

More reasons for the current hype

A few days ago, Ripple’s xRapid – the company’s low-cost and fast cross-border payments solution – enriched with a new partner, SendFriend. Although its still in early access, several organizations – including cryptocurrency exchanges Bittrex and Bitso as well as the currency specialist Mercury Fx – have requested access to Ripple’s cross-border payment solution.

While most of Ripple’s xRapid partners are running centralized solutions, SendFriend is a remittance platform based on the blockchain. SendFriend seeks to reduce the costs as well as the time it takes to send a transaction to friends and families for people working in overseas countries. To improve its services as well as the overall experience for its customers, SendFriend has joined as a partner to xRapid. SendFriend’s solution is backed by prominent names, including MIT Media Lab, Barclays, TechStars, MasterCard Foundation, Mahindra Finance, and Deloitte.

SendFriend CEO David Lighton stated that their partnership with Ripple would allow a higher efficiency with capital on the backend of his company. According to Mr. Lighton, xRapid would allow SendFriend to conduct real-time settlements without any pre-funding and without the need to manage foreign exchange fees.

Ripple opens new office in Dubai

During the Global Islamic Economic Summit 2018 last week, the company behind the third largest cryptocurrency announced plans to open an office in the United Arab Emirates – more precisely in Dubai – at the end of the year. Ripple’s Global Head of Infrastructure Innovation Dilip Rao stated that his company seeks to fully enter the Asian and the Middle Eastern market in the near future, and they will open up the Dubai office to serve as the base of operations for these two markets.

According to Mr. Rao: “Ripple’s cost-efficient, flexible, and cheap solutions will allow his company to align with the UAE’s plans on implementing blockchain tech for a wide range of applications.”, He emphasized that it is “fantastic” that the UAE government seeks to move half of its transactions to the blockchain by 2020, which is expected to encourage innovation.

“If you want to send this money, particularly you’re not clear about what the fees are going to be that the bank is going to charge on the other end. And therefore, what you’ll receive might be substantially less than what you sent out. And if you’re sending money for blue collar workers, this often can be a small amount of money, $200, and the fees for these kinds of small payments can be as high as 5 to 10%. So this is hurting the people who can afford it the least,” Mr. Rao added about the importance of cost-efficiency for blue collar workers.

According to Mr. Rao, the Middle Eastern market is of high importance for Ripple since there is a high demand for cost-efficient and fast cross-border payment solutions as many of the workers are foreigners who send a part of their salaries back to their families and friends. He added that Ripple is fully entering the Middle Eastern market – where they have numerous institutions as partners, including Saudi Arabia’s Al-Rajhi Bank and the Kuwait Finance House – will support the economy.

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3 Cryptocurrencies Likely to Beat Bitcoin Price in the Short-Term

Source: Shutterstock.com

Who can beat BTC price in the short term? This week three very unique coins have been selected: WaBi, BNB, and TRON. WABI looks to be the top contender to produce the highest returns as a cryptocurrency.

Market Conditions

The price stagnation within BTC price 00 has led to many mini altcoin rallies. Cryptocurrencies highlighted in similar articles such as GOChain increased well over 100% since their being selected as an ‘undervalued cryptocurrency.’

These current market conditions represent a spring coiling in the cryptocurrency space. Summer was filled with negative news about Bitcoin and blockchain. However, since quarter four has begun there has been no real BTC positive price movement. This is contrary to the news which has been positive for over a month.

Last week saw:

  • NYSE’s parent company announced December 12th as their launch date for Bakkt (BTC settled USD pairs).
  • The country of Singapore invested directly in Binance.
  • The country of China which had previously different styles of bans on ICOs and crypto ruled BTC as property.
  • Coinbase added USDC.
  • Bitfury considering an IPO (not ICO).

The prior week in blockchain and cryptocurrency has seen BTC stagnate even with the spectacular news. The spring has been coiled and the question that remains is which cryptocurrency will appreciate against BTC in the next few weeks to few months?

When analyzing the market to see which coins have already had their mini bulls runs it becomes increasingly obvious that WaBi, BNB, and TRON should all have major positive movement.

WABI has the smallest market cap and significant quarter four news. Most of their news has yet to be announced but an exclusive interview with the founder this week provided some inside details. BNB and TRON are likely to produce returns far greater than BTC’s due to their communities and utility.

However, WABI is the most undervalued on this list as TRON and BNB have market caps over $1 billion, while WABI’s market cap is under $20 million.

Although a higher risk cryptocurrency play, WABI is most likely to produce the highest returns when compared to BTC and other cryptocurrencies in the market.

stock market quotes


WaBi 00 is a cryptocurrency with under a 20 million dollar market cap, is traded on Binance, has major events and news all quarter four, and provided an exclusive interview with the founder for this piece. Not only is right now the opportune time to research WaBi but it radiates as an undervalued cryptocurrency.

Walimai is a safe-channel ecosystem for consumer products. The purpose of Walimai is to secure supply chains of important consumer goods (such as baby milk). So what is the WaBi?

Well the WaBi is provided as an incentive for scanning anti-counterfeit labels of WaBi products. This helps drives consumer awareness of the product’s transition through the supply chain and insures product safety.

China (where WaBi is predominantly located) has had multiple scandals involving food which has resulted in large scale accidental poisonings. WaBi looks to solve the issue of supply chain monitoring for consumer goods and has found a way to incentivize the public for participating in the process.

The WaBi cryptocurrency once attained can be used to discount the cost of consumer products along with improving delivery terms. This demonstrates clear utility in a niche market which needed blockchain support (consumer goods and the supply chain).

Why is now the time for WaBi? According to CoinMarketCal WaBi is undertaking a full rebranding in quarter four, they are going to open up sales to South East Asia, Latin America, and Europe, and they plan to introduce Walimai Labels for pharmaceuticals as well. This is a very impressive roadmap for quarter four which led to my desire to speak directly to the Founder, Alex.

In my exclusive interview with the WaBi Founder, I was able to uncover a few more details regarding the upcoming big news. The rebranding is not just the altering of some colors. WaBi is about to undergo a full rebranding regarding the name, colors, fonts, websites (WaBi and Walimai). They have been working with a top design agency while having interviewed almost 1000 users regarding user friendliness and aesthetics. Their rebranding is the first of its kind because they are bringing the active WaBi community into the process. They are providing prizes to supporters who participate in the rebranding, holding an almost scavenger hunt to ‘find’ the new website and additional features.

A cryptocurrency rebranding is very exciting especially because of how different WaBi plans to handle it. Immediately following the rebranding WaBi intends to have a major press release push, almost identical to what they did in 2017 when they were featured on BBC, CNBC, Business Insier, Reuters, and many more (this prior PR push dramatically increased WaBi’s value). The rebranding, budget allocated for major advertising and press releases all take place in quarter four. The public only knows the basics about the rebranding and has no idea a major publicity campaign is about to begin.

The WaBi token is being introduced to a large number of convenience stores across Asia where deals are being negotiated currently to accept WaBi as a form of payment (not just as a discount or to improve shipping terms). This is one of the biggest surprises as once completed the WaBi cryptocurrency will be able to be spent simply across their biggest market demographic.

WaBi’s roadmap positions them with a focus on developed parts of the world where there is the lowest access to quality authentic imported goods. Places like China where counterfeit goods are rampant have been fast to adopt the WaBi coin and Walimai platform.

The WaBi team has been adding new hires and continuing to build out their platform during this extended bear market. The development team has seen 5 new hires added in the last few months. While most cryptocurrencies have been hiding in the shadows of the bear market WaBi has been building at an unprecedented rate.

The last poignant point Alex, the Founder of WaBi made was in regards to my question, “Given the market fluctuations since the ICO how has your coin coped?”

He was very direct in his response. WaBi is up 71% against BTC in the prior year, 8% against the USD, and 158% against ETH compared to their ICO prices. Their focus shifted entirely from publicity and marketing to internal product and core team development. He was also very quick to mention how supportive and active their community is, one of the main reasons WaBi fared so well against other cryptocurrencies. This internal development and platform enhancement is about to pay significant dividends in quarter 4 once the rebranding is complete and the PR campaign goes into full swing.

My final question was regarding the long-term plans for WaBi. I was excited to hear WaBi plans to enter the alcohol products arena as many parts of the world have suffered toxic counterfeit alcohol poisonings. This expansion of products is followed by their expansion to new demographics in different parts of the world.

Many supply chain cryptocurrencies have market caps in excess of 1 billion dollars. WaBi has a working platform, a utilizable token, a quarter four with more exciting news than 99% of cryptocurrencies, a dedicated team, and expansion at an unprecedented rate.

If there was a cryptocurrency that had a significant likelihood of “mooning” in quarter four due to every possible positive factor going their way, it would be WaBi. Look for WaBi to test 50-200% returns in the short term depending on how quickly the traders and investors look ahead to the cryptocurrency calendars.

BNB – Binance Coin

For those that actively trade or even occasionally invest it is obvious to “own” where you trade. The BNB 00 token is the native token of the Binance exchange. By possessing BNB in your account many benefits are provided from lower trading fees to earning a higher percentage of the fees generated by your referrals. If you have any referrals or make any trades it only makes sense to own the required 500 BNB to lower your fees while increasing your referral bonus.


It was only last week that Singapore announced directly investing in the Binance platform. Financial capitals of the world are taking a keen interest in the largest and most respected cryptocurrency exchange. Binance also announced that in their first week in Uganda they signed up over 40,000 users. Africa being underbanked and needing financial stability will likely turn to cryptocurrencies to combat hyperinflation. Exchanges will capitalize on this with Binance making early moves into the continent. This was not the only positive news for BNB and Binance this week.

Travelbybit is integrating BNB as a payment method across all their platforms and merchants. BNB originally had very little utility beyond the benefits it provided for ‘hodling’ on Binance (lower trading fees and a higher referral bonus). However, the BNB cryptocurrency is pivoting from a coin used solely to benefit Binance traders to one that can be openly transacted and utilized on the same level as the predominant players like BTC. This not only greatly increases the utility of BNB but when utility increases price usually follows soon after.

What about Binance’s fearless leader that seems to maneuver through any regulatory hurdle thrown his way? Changpeng Zhao or more commonly known in the crypto space as “CZ” is one of the most influential individuals in the entire blockchain community. Not only did he manage to build what has been continuously ranked as the #1 exchange by volume in under two years but also actively engages the community, attends conferences, and is exceptionally humble for all he’s accomplished. CZ is hands down one of the most active Founders in the space and his influence is rivaled by almost no one.

Supporting a coin that CZ is the Founder of, is the ‘baby’ of the largest cryptocurrency exchange, has news that regularly adds more utility (can now be used to pay for travel), and provides daily benefits for just HODLING makes BNB a top candidate for accumulation prior to the next bull run.

There will be a flood of new traders to the biggest exchanges when the Altseason begins, at that point it will be too late to buy BNB. The time to accumulate coins that are likely to trend North in the short term is not once Altseason has begun, but prior with enough time to enjoy the gains.

BNB is a cryptocurrency with a market cap over a billion dollars that should easily see 100% returns at the nearest sign of the next bull run.


 The cryptocurrency community has been all over the place regarding their feelings about TRON. TRX 00 is a cryptocurrency that like many has been on the hot seat through the bear market. Say what you want about TRX, the reality is their community is one of the most devoted and loyal in crypto. The only more enthusiastic community may be XRP enthusiasts. With TRX regularly being supported by their community regardless of market conditions this cryptocurrency popped onto the radar this week because of their upcoming quarter four news.

TRX plans to release their open-source platform on December 29, 2018. It seems many cryptocurrencies have a feeling the second half of quarter 4 will provide many catalysts. TRX’s open-source platform will provide a revolutionary smart contract and Dapps platform. This is when true utility begins. With their open-source platform going live in the final week of quarter four TRX seems like an acquisition target prior to gem hunters finding this news.

This week on November 1, Coinsuper listed TRX paired against both BTC and ETH. Even with the majority of top exchanges already supporting TRX their team has committed to continued listings. This shows that both the developers are hard at work on their open source platform while the community managers and Founders are focused on reaching out to exchanges and networking.

Directly following quarter four TRX hosts the Nitron Summit January 17 and 18 in San Francisco. TRX is fiscally positioned to be able to host conferences, pay for major exchange listings, fund future development, all through a bear market. If this does not demonstrate dedication in the crypto space, nothing will.

Justin Sun, the Founder of TRON is also one of the more influential individuals in crypto. Having such an influential, well connected, and educated blockchain leader is positive for any cryptocurrency.

TRX has their open source Dapp platform going live before the end of the year, they are hosting a major conference in San Francisco in January and were just listed on Coinsuper. For a ‘safer’ cryptocurrency play TRX seems to have many important catalysts through early January.

Beat BTC Price: Take Your Pick

Cryptocurrency is a risky environment to be trading, gambling, and investing in. However, with enough research, a significant portion of risk can be mitigated. Not every cryptocurrency selected will appreciate as no trader/investor is an oracle.

However, by analyzing almost every coin on Binance thoroughly, I’ve intentionally selected the ones that have the highest probabilities to appreciate in the short term based on upcoming news, their community, market sentiment, their teams, and many other factors.

The highest risk cryptocurrency, which is likely to produce the greatest returns from the cryptocurrencies on this list is WaBi. Their marketing plan coupled with a rebranding, platform expansion, demographic expansion, dedicated team, communicative founders, and major quarter four news provide more catalysts than most can expect.

Look for WaBi to outperform almost every cryptocurrency on Binance in the next few days through the end of December.

Changpeng Zhao Binance

For those looking for a safer ‘blue chip’ option, the cryptocurrency of choice would be BNB. CZ could not be more dedicated or passionate about crypto. Hopefully, more individuals emulate his behavior in the space over the long term. BNB benefits every hodler on Binance and as more traders begin trading again BNB will become highly sought after.

TRX has had the hype train take it on a wild ride. However, quarter four has plenty of reasons that as a cryptocurrency it should appreciate. Hosting conferences and open source platforms built for Dapps is a fantastic start regarding catalysts.

WaBi remains a coin that can likely breach a $100 million market cap providing a 6x for those that accumulate prior to the market cap surpassing $20 million. Given the high-risk high reward nature of crypto, WaBi should be on the “accumulation and research list” for those looking for major quarter four gains.

[Disclaimer: This views expressed in this article do not reflect the views of Bitcoinist and should not be taken as financial advice.]

To read the King’s prior articles, to find out which ICOs he currently recommends, or to get in contact directly with the King, you can on Twitter (@JbtheCryptoKing) or Reddit (ICO updates and Daily Reports). The King is the founder of ANON and actively trades cryptocurrencies.

Images courtesy of Shutterstock, Bitcoinist archives

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Find Out: BitMEX CEO Says Bitcoin’s Price Could Fall to…

What a difference a few months can make. It seems like a lifetime ago that Arthur Hayes, CEO of cryptocurrency derivatives platform BitMEX, predicted that the bitcoin price could reach $50,000 in 2018. In fact, it has been less than six months, though the events that have occurred during that interlude have been sufficient for Hayes to slash his short-term crypto forecast by more than 95 percent.

CCN reported earlier this week that Hayes, a former Citigroup trader, is now predicting that the bitcoin downtrend could last another 18 months, mirroring the “nuclear bear market” the crypto industry experienced in 2014 and 2015. Writing in Friday’s edition of the BitMEX Crypto Trader Digest, Hayes doubled down on that portentous outlook.

While chart-watchers often treat bear markets as beginning as soon as an asset dips below its cyclical peak, Hayes said that a better strategy may be to mark the beginning of the bear market as the date at which the bitcoin price falls below its 200-day moving average (DMA). By this metric, bitcoin entered bearish territory on March 12 when it was priced at $9,152 and has only seen a 37 percent decline since dropping below the 200 DMA…

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How is Ripple (XRP) expected to perform in November 2018?

Ripple (XRP) has been faring quite well in the market lately and has been continuously trending due to its partnerships and notable strides. Recently, the company released its Q3 report and so far; it has sold $163 million worth of XRP programmatically, even though there has been a decline in the total market capitalization of digital assets by 12%.

Now, as November is here, many experts say that bullish momentum is upcoming for XRP. But you never know how deep is the sea unless you dive into it, right? Let’s take a look at some technical and non-technical reasons why they believe so.

XRP’s Market Activity

It is important to know that XRP’s chart so far showed a slight dip on it’s from $0.24 to $0.79 in August. Although at the moment, it hasn’t gone beyond the $0.50 mark. XRP is standing at $0.45 at the time of writing with a market cap of $18.2 million.

Ripple, the blockchain firm behind XRP who happens to be its native token, has been in the news as a result of its quest to boost cross-border payments around the world today. One of the exciting Ripple news from the recent time is, RippleLabs have hired Amir Sargangi, the CEO of Jibe Mobile, who was also the Google employee (worked as the leader of the messaging tech for the search engine giant).

Sargangi was also involved in the creation of Rich Communication Services (RCS), as an improved messaging standard that would change the mobile messaging.  It is excellent news for the company that…

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JP Morgan just gave a ringing endorsement to THIS CRYPTO

JP Morgan just gave a ringing endorsement to Ethereum – but the company’s CEO is not done trashing Bitcoin.

The financial giant is making strides with Quorum, which is the firm’s enterprise version of the Ethereum blockchain. As reported by The Australian Financial Review, Quorum will be used to essentially tokenize gold bars on the Ethereum network.

According to JP Morgan’s New York-based head of blockchain initiatives, Umar Farooq,

“There are people outside our firm using Quorum to tokenise gold, for instance. They wrap a gold bar into a tamper-proof case electronically tagged, and they can track the gold bar from the mine to end point – with the use case being, if you know it’s a socially responsible mine, someone will be willing to pay a higher spread on that gold versus if you don’t know where it comes from. Diamonds is another example.”

Farooq says Quorum is a flagship product for JP Morgan, and he isn’t shy about his affection for Ethereum.

“We are the only financial player that owns the entire stack, from the application to the protocol. We are big believers in Ethereum.”

Meanwhile, JP Morgan’s CEO Jamie Dimon continues to sing a much different tune on Bitcoin. According to The Next Web, Dimon was recently asked about his thoughts on Bitcoin…

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