Comedian Bill Burr To Buy Bitcoin For The First Time

After a podcast with popular Bitcoin proponent Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano, the famous comedian Bill Burr said that he will buy BTC. Fellow comedian and co-host Bert Kreischer regretted not buying Bitcoin before but seemed more interested in purchasing mining equipment.

Current Economic Situation

Co-founder and partner at Morgan Creek Digital Anthony Pompliano recently appeared in a podcast jointly hosted by two popular comedians – Bill Burr and Bert Kreischer.

Bill Burr (left) and Bert Kreischer (right). Source: Facebook
Bill Burr (left) and Bert Kreischer (right). Source: Facebook

The trio discussed the current economic situation worldwide, including the mass initiatives of governments to print excessive amounts of fiat currencies during the COVID-19 crisis.

“I keep saying that the virus basically exposed all the shams in society. One of the biggest shams is all of this quantitative easing – it’s a universal basic income for rich people. They print off a bunch of money, they push it out in the economy, and asset prices go up. If you hold stocks and real estate – those prices go up. But the currency gets devalued.

If you think rich people versus poor people – rich people own assets and 50% of Americans don’t own stocks and about 40% or so can’t come with $400 for an emergency payment. They live paycheck by paycheck with just cash in the bank. 100% of their wealth is in cash. Rich people get richer; poor people get poorer.” – noted Pomp.

He highlighted the lack of proper financial education of the majority of people as the most significant factor for these inequalities. Rich people know “how the system works,” and they are trying only to protect their assets, while the rest are heading in the opposite direction.

Comedians To Get Into Bitcoin

Pomp asserted that these effects of printing lots of money in relatively short periods could be as addictive as drugs, and world governments can easily decide to continue even after the pandemic. To fight any potential consequences, he outlined Bitcoin and its maximum cap of 21 million.

“Why were we so excited about Bitcoin? A lot of people call it the “people’s money” or deflationary type of an asset. All that it means is that the US can’t print more, China can’t print more, Russia can’t print more, any other country, dictator, politician – nobody has control over it.

If there’s a set amount – 21 million ever to be created – basically, you’re protected from all of that inflation and that printing of money. So, people are slowly opting for this new asset.”

As Pomp continued explaining Bitcoin’s fundamentals and presenting the flaws in the current monetary systems, Burr emphatically said, “I’m getting Bitcoin, f*** this s***.” His colleague Kreischer was more interested in understanding BTC mining and said, “I want to get the computers that mine Bitcoin.”

Both comedians doubled-down at the end of the podcast on their stance to purchase BTC by noting to Pomp, “well, I think you have two new customers on this one, buddy.” Additionally, Burr and Kreischer admitted that they were offered to buy the primary cryptocurrency years ago, passed on the opportunity, and were now “kicking their butts” because of it.

Following the podcast, Pompliano took it to Twitter to predict that Burr and Kreischer have “kicked off a historic 18-month Bitcoin market.”

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