CPH Crypto: Commission-Free and Insured Cryptocurrency Trading

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Cryptocurrency trading is on the fast track of becoming particularly popular. The industry, in general, is gaining more attention, especially when it comes to institutional interest.

In September, CryptoPotato reported that the NASDAQ-listed company MicroStrategy added another portion of BTC to its holding, which currently stands at around $720 million. Reports from various mainstream institutions such as JP Morgan, PwC, Fidelity Investments, and so forth, all hint at the same.

Retail interest is also on the rise. The open interest on Binance Futures crossed the $1 billion mark in August, showcasing the increasing demand for trading solutions.

All of this has sparked a flair of cryptocurrency trading platforms, each one racing to provide a better and, frankly, cheaper experience to users.

CPH Crypto comes as a commission-free and insured cryptocurrency trading platform owned by a NASDAQ OMX-listed company based in Scandinavia, Denmark.

About CPH Crypto

CPH Crypto is a forward-driven cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform that offers commission-free and insured crypto spot trading.

It’s owned 100% by the NASDAQ OMX-Listed company NPinvestor.com A/S with majority owners of approx 60 pct. and 40 pct. by many smaller shareholders. Its management team consists of highly experienced professionals in the fields of fintech, investment, and trading. CEO Jan Andersen, together with the management, brings many years of experience in technology, entrepreneurship, financial media, trading, software integration, and development.

The company is based in Denmark with the registration number DK25388992. CryptoPotato checked the EU registry of VAT-registered companies to confirm its legitimacy.

At the time of this writing, CPH Crypto accepts traders from all over the world with the exception of North America and sanctions listed countries.

Low-Cost Fees Increase Traders Profits and Limit Losses

Among CPH Crypto’s strong value propositions are the low fees of 0.04% per trade or $39 monthly for unlimited trading. CPH Crypto enables traders to execute their trades and strategies in the global crypto market 24/7 with deep streaming, institutional level of liquidity and market depts, real-time quotes, tight spreads, and high execution standards. Traders can manage and monitor their crypto portfolio and trading performance easily with real-time coin market prices and without worrying about high trading costs or the risk of losing their deposits.

Customers can trade the most popular cryptocurrencies against USD pairs like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP), Tether (USDT), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH), besides a number of other currency and crypto to crypto pairs. The team plans on adding more trading services and relevant features, as well as additional pairs in the future.

Users can engage in leveraged trading up to 10x and explore different relevant trading features like long and short positions and order types like Market and Limit, Immediate-Or-Cancel, Fill-or-Kill, Day order, Good-Till-Cancelled.

User Experience and Trading on CPH Crypto

Registering an account with CPH Crypto is easy and quick. Per the existing regulations with the Danish FSA, the KYC and AML assessments and controls are above market standards. Once you go through the process and hop on the trading interface, that’s how it looks like:


The panel is straightforward, though rather different than the typical mainstream cryptocurrency exchanges, which is more like buying a crypto coin and then hold it – which is not what real and active traders prefer – they demand access to the best liquidity, spot trading, fast executing combined with the needed trading features being able to roll out their strategy and trades as efficiently as possible. So we are having a much more sophisticated trading solution and options.

Some of the platform’s highlights, as touted by the team, include:

  • Instant execution
  • Tight spreads
  • Deep liquidity books

Complete Trust – Coin Deposits Guaranteed

CPH Crypto also guarantees crypto deposits. This means that the company is working with high-end third-party global custodians to provide the safety of users’ crypto funds. Their custodian partner is Trustology. CPH Crypto is one of the only crypto exchanges on the market to ensure all coin deposits from customers. This means that customer’s crypto coin deposits are always safe, even, for instance, in the unlikely situation of a successful hacker attack on the platform.


Though CPH Crypto has launched its platform without a lot of hype and in a rather low-key fashion, the team argues it’s highly competitive and believes it will grow quickly throughout Europe and Asia.

Commission-Free fees, coupled with a simple and intuitive trading interface, along with guaranteed crypto deposits and all the most popular and relevant crypto and currency pairs, are what they hope would convince traders to replace their expensive brokers.

If one thing is clear, it’s that the total cryptocurrency market capitalization is just a fraction of some of the largest legacy stocks, which means that there’s plenty of room to grow in the future.

Source: Crypto Potato