DeCoin: The Profit Sharing Crypto Platform

The era of  ‘profit sharing cryptocurrency exchanges‘ is here. DeCoin is leading the charge with their own proprietary digital token, DeCoin (DTEP), which is powered by their exchange and trading platform D-TEP that shares the profits generated through commissions and fees to DeCoin holders and the D-TEP Crypto Index (DCI).

The platform will utilize the Proof Of Stake (POS) blockchain algorithm and utilize it to provide a wholly transparent, secure platform that is backed by 24/7 live support. DeCoin aims to be the next world platform that will greatly transform how the exchanges currently operate.

It may not be the first project in the crypto industry, but it has a nice vision, which it aims to fulfill. The market for crypto currencies has steadily grown over the last few years, with hundreds of new projects being developed every month. New, better projects replace the old ones and offer the customers more support.

What makes DeCoin platform standout from the rest is that it guarantees profits to the investors through their profit sharing schemes. The platform has a loyalty sharing program that has a fixed 6.2% interest rate for coin holders that use the DeCoin wallet with DeCoin tokens.

The DeCoin Trading and Exchange Platform (D-TEP) will enable traders to buy, sell or trade cryptocurrencies. D-TEP will also provide the traders with numerous other benefits to the coin holders. The platform incorporates the values of transparency, security and support, vowing to help the traders as much as possible.

The Platform (D-TEP)

To support their DeCoin and provide a quality of service that traders seldom experience in the crypto market, the project has also developed their own trading platform. This platform will provide the users with a frictionless, fast, secure and inexpensive trading experience that makes the whole trading process much more enjoyable and efficient.

Apart from being highly supportive, the platform is also unique in a sense that it offers to share its profits with its coin holders. Just like corporations pay dividends to their shareholders, DeCoin will share the profits it makes with their users to create a healthy environment, where everyone wins.

The team behind the project has ensured that the platform lives up to the standards of the market and even surpasses them. Keeping this in mind, the following are the few characteristics of the D-TEP platform.


Multi-layered real time authentication protects the platform from unauthorized access, securing the sensitive data of the users. This creates a secure platform that will protect the trades, withdrawals and other important functions of the platform. Other security measures that have been taken to protect the customers include, 97% of funds being stored in cold storage.


Keeping in mind the problems that are faced by Bitcoin and Ethereum when it comes to processing transactions. The D-TEP platform has ensured that no such limitations arise for them and the platform can currently handle one million matches per second. This makes D-TEP one of the fastest and most scalable platforms currently available.

Social Trading

D-TEP uses an interesting concept to support their traders, leading traders who are interested and willing, will receive DeCoins and will have their activities tracked. Other traders will be provided information regarding their moves, so that they can learn about their trades and optimize their own traders from the moves of the experts.

Trading Tools

D-TEP will also offer traders with Contract For Differences (CFDs) in the future. This will further increase the efficiency of the traders, allowing them to take advantage of when the price moves up or down on the underlying financial instrument. Moreover, the team of analytics will provide traders with frequent reports of the latest trends, to help the traders with their trades.

Crypto Index

The company is also developing the first ever crypto index with the help of the DeCoin. The companies and users that trade with the help of the D-TEP Crypto Index (DCI) will directly influence the increase in the value of the token. For doing this, they will receive a share in profits.

The following are some of the fees that the D-TEP platform will charge the customers.

The following are some of the coins that D-TEP will support:

More About D-TEP Crypto Index (DCI)

The DCI has been created by the team of analysts in the D-TEP, who have looked over hundreds of companies in the crypto market and selected the 5-8 promising crypto companies. These markets are in line with the parameters that the analysts are observing and will prove to be promising investment opportunities.

The team states that it will further create more indices to support the traders in their trading. Companies or users that would like to trade within the DCI can swap out their coins with DeCoins and immediately gain access to the whole market.

D-TEP Credit Card

One of the major challenges for crypto investors is that they cannot utilize their crypto profits in the physical world. In order to resolve this issue, D-TEP is offering five different types of credit cards. These cards will allow the users to spend their digital currencies.

The five different cards will offer different types of benefits and the cards depend on the amount of investment that the trader makes in the DeCoins. The following chart explains the criteria for the cars:

DeCoin Token

DeCoin is the crypto token that is powered by the D-TEP and it is a utility token that will allow traders to use the various functionalities of the platform. DeCoin can bought, sold or exchanged through the use of the platform. The following are few of the characteristics of the DeCoin.

Finite Number of Tokens: 140 million DTEP

Price: 1 DTEP = 0.6 USD

Type: Crypto Coin

The following chart describes the token allocation and distribution:

The Team

The following are few of the main team members behind the DTEP project:

The following are few of the main advisors on the team:

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