Dutch Blockchain Companies LTO Network and VIDT Datalink Announce Merger

Two of the Netherlands’ top blockchain companies have just merged in hopes of creating the most robust end-to-end B2B blockchain solution on the market. The names of the two companies should ring a bell: LTO Network and VIDT. Both are currently in the top 300 blockchain companies globally based on market cap and have built large communities through a series of high profile partnerships and campaigns with organizations such as The United Nations, IBM, and more. 

With a passion for both data and providing easy-to-use blockchain solutions, the merger will allow the new entity to leverage the relationships, clients, and technology built by each company over the past few years. Effectively, the new organization will now become the biggest blockchain organization in the Netherlands and one of the most prominent B2B blockchain facilitators in the world.

Combining Strengths To Tackle a Common Goal 

LTO Network brings enterprise-grade blockchain solutions to customers and partners around the world via an easy-to-implement plug-and-play development model that allows them to co-create with their partners and customers. The company believes the new world will be using agile hybrid blockchain solutions right next to the other IT technology titans, such as The Red Hat Openshift container platform and open hybrid clouds. 

For developers, LTO Network technology provides a common platform to create innovative applications without worrying about the blockchain back-end and front-end needed to make them work. Their system also allows applications to be integrated into the already operating legacy systems of their customers.

VIDT Datalink is a blockchain-powered document certification platform. The VIDT API enables organizations to certify and secure their digital data against fraud and manipulation. With VIDT’s architecture, VIDT Datalink is compatible with virtually any existing system to ensure data integrity without impacting workflows. VIDT Datalink sees blockchain as the key technology to make sure that our digital advancements as a society are not held back by sophisticated fraudulent activities.

Together, the two companies will enable both parties to better prepare their respective clients for the hybrid blockchain world that is soon approaching. The merger will combine LTO Network’s vertical expertise and development toolkit for decentralized workflows with VIDT’s expertise in proprietary solutions and open-source API interfaces used by corporations to anchor and verify documents. 

A Wide Range of Practical Use Cases

For the past couple of years, both companies have been transparently documenting various case studies and use cases. VIDT clients and partners include companies such as Airbus, AmSpec, Krohne, and more. LTO Network just recently announced a breaking partnership with the United Nations to put land parcels on the blockchain in developing countries such as Afghanistan. LTO Network also calls The Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure, ScanTrust, IBM, and other recognizable companies as partners and clients. Currently, LTO Network is in the top 20 blockchains globally with over 50,000 daily transactions, more than 80 nodes, and over 50 ecosystem partners. 

Together these solutions can be applied to a wide range of industries and use cases such as digital signatures, inspection reports, notary procedures, legal contracts, artwork authenticity, smart QR-codes, waste transport, and more. For both companies, their technologies have been built to be applicable to just about anything that can benefit from the power of blockchain technology, especially in the B2B space.

It will be interesting to see how this merger plays out in 2021 and if it inspires other projects to look into mergers as a way of catapulting growth.  

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Source: Bitcoininst