How A Bitcoin ‘Millionaire’ Is Planning To ‘Resurrect’ $20,000 Per Bitcoin By 2020

Bitcoin was pronounced dead by teen bitcoin and cryptocurrency “millionaire” Erik Finman late last year in the midst of a bitter bitcoin and cryptocurrency bear market that left most major tokens down almost 90% in value and sparked fears the great crypto experiment could come to an abrupt end.

The bitcoin price has since reboundeddoubling so far this year and lifting the wider cryptocurrency market which has boomed on news Silicon Valley is increasingly interested in moving into payments and adopting cryptocurrency technology.

Now, Finman has said a combination of his plans and others he sees happening in the cryptocurrency sector could “resurrect” bitcoin and send the bitcoin price back to its all-time highs of near $20,000 by the end of the year, thanks to crypto adoption from the likes of social media giant Facebook, media and telecoms group AT&T, and U.S. presidential hopefuls talking up bitcoin and crypto.

“2019 is the new 2017 for bitcoin and cryptocurrency,” Finman said, promising bitcoin can remain the most valuable cryptocurrency in the world if it manages to fix its main issues. “Cryptocurrency is hitting its stride and all the things happening in the tech and finance industry right now are boosting bitcoin and crypto. Blockchain is the cutting edge.”

Finman, named as a bitcoin “millionaire” by the likes of Yahoo Finance, has identified four areas that the bitcoin community needs to improve on if bitcoin is going to be able to survive and remain the biggest and most widely used cryptocurrency…

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