How Sapien is Redefining the World of Social Networking

The power of decentralization and the benefits that it offers, especially in social networking, is a development that is becoming very popular among Internet users. The rate of adoption this innovation is experiencing is significant proof that people are really becoming weary of the actions of centralized systems.

Centralized platforms like Google and Facebook are known to take advantage of the data and information that they gather from users of their platforms. These platforms make money by selling their user data to advertisers without the permission of their real owners. In fact, they do so completely without any form of compensation to the real data owners. Therefore, it is no surprise that when people are offered the opportunity to take control of their own personal resources they jump at it wholeheartedly. This is evident from the reception to the emerging decentralized social network new platform, Sapien.

Power belongs to the users

Just two hours into the presale that began on January 31 2018, Sapien raised $11 Million. The presale is expected to last until February 15 2018. According to the Marketing Lead at Sapien, Matias Dorta, the public response beats the team’s expectation. At the same time it reveals the public’s expectation and the public are the true value creators in social networks.

Dorta says:

“The Sapien team is extremely humbled to see how excited the community is for the Sapien Network. Most social media platforms have been censoring posts, limiting privacy, and selling user data and we believe now is the time for change. Sapien will use the blockchain to bring the power of social media back into the hands of the people. We understand that the true value creator within a social network is the user”.

 By using blockchain technology, Sapien is creating a highly customizable, democratized social news platform capable of rewarding millions of content creators and curators without any centralized intermediaries. The platform will allow users to have the final say while being rewarded for their contributions.

Breaking the chains of control

Existing social networks data exploitation, as mentioned above, is not limited to the use of extracted data for purposes of targeted advertising. User privacy infringement is a source of nuisance and security threats. Data sold off to advertisers could get out of control, get into the wrong hands and may expose users to all manner of threats.

With Sapien’s decentralized platform, users determine the extent of personal information which they share, and with whom they share it. Users will be able to customize and tailor their social experience with their interests. Also, there will be no muzzling of users in terms of expression. For instance, in the past few days, the crypto world has experienced sudden bans from Facebook and then China over crypto related ads on platforms under their control. The loss and damage caused by this sudden decision by a few individuals is yet to be seen. Freedom of speech and expression is a fundamental right that should be protected. Hence, the beauty of the Sapien platform is that even while anyone can express themselves to any extent that they wish, other users have the power to control the information they receive. In the end, the platform will encourage users to take responsibility for their space.

A flexible marketplace

The Ethereum blockchain upon which the platform is built will enable its rapid evolution into a marketplace. This marketplace will be powered by the platform’s ERC20 underlying token SPN that will permit various other integrations and third party applications.

The Sapien platform is flexible, allowing users to seamlessly switch between public and private modes. This means users can operate with their real identities or in anonymity whenever they wish. Other various benefits of social networks are also included, such as adding friends, creating groups, text and voice chatting features, etc.

Social networking is indeed experiencing some significant disruption. The fact that data control is returning to the hands of the real owners is a development that goes beyond just convenience and remuneration. Underlying social benefits such as security and individual freedom, as mentioned previously, are benefits that are beyond simple evaluation.

Sapien is aiming to raise 30M USD (~50% raised to date)

Presale (Ongoing until the 15th of Feb): Raised to date ~16,419 ETH.

Bonus structure: >$250k: +45%.   >$100k: +35%. >$50k: +27%, >$10k: +23%, <$10k: +20%.

Public Sale (3rd of March):

Bonus structure: Day 1: +15%, Week 1: +10%, Week 2: +3%, Week 3+: no bonuses

For more info, please visit or join Sapien’s Telegram group of 17,000+ members.

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