Kind Ads – Removing the middlemen from online advertising

Kind Ads wants to create a more enjoyable, atmosphere for Internet users. Online advertising is a huge market segment, in the USA alone, more than $229 billion was spent on digital advertising. Nearly every website has some sorts of ads that help the site generate revenue.

Moreover, with the advent of digital social media, these ads are becoming more and more personalized according to the site browser’s interests. The digital advertising market is expected to continue to grow in the coming years. Current estimates predict that in the USA, the market will reach $335 billion by the year 2020.

The market is flourishing but is also saturated with scammers. It is difficult for website owners to find the right advertising groups that pay well and provide reliable, relatable advertisements for the site users. The wrong kind of advertising on the website can have an adverse effect on the site’s traffic and can really bother its users.

This is where Kind Ads comes in – with the vision of creating a decentralized ad network that will reward publishers and advertisers more prominently, and be less intrusive and irritating for users.

Using their platform, site owners can get the right kind of advertisements for their websites and will not have to worry about getting paid by unreliable, cheating middlemen. In other words, gone are the days of net plus 30 or even 60 and lower margins. And on the other hand, advertisers won’t be bothered by obscene fees.

The project aims to cut the middlemen out of digital advertising and provide benefits to all three digital advertising stakeholders:

Internet Users: Getting spammed is the biggest worry of Internet users. Kind Ads will show more relevant, safe ads through emails and push notifications.
Publishers: Middlemen in digital advertising usually take months to transfer ad revenues, and the advertisements are usually in the form of banner ads, which reduce user experience. Kind Ads promises guaranteed timely payments along with user-friendly push notifications.
Advertisers: Middlemen take a large portion of ad revenues. Advertisers can cut costs by selecting Kind Ads, which claims to be cheaper than the conventional channels and provides better ad channels.

The Product

The Kind Ads (KIND) token will use ERC-20 compliant tokens that will be based on top of the existing Ethereum blockchain. These tokens will be used for various transactions that can be performed on the platform. Kind Ads will create a blockchain-based platform that will allow easy communication between publishers, users, and advertisers.

Currently, Kind Ads is inviting users to join the “Free Airdrop,” which will give users free KIND tokens that they can later use on the platform for free. There is no mention of an ICO on their website, and the platform is planned to launch in phases over the coming months.

The project has a detailed whitepaper that explains their whole concept in detail. The main problem that Kind Ads aims to rectify is the inadequacies of the current ad networks. Kind Ads platform will provide each stakeholder with an incentive to participate in the improvement of the platform.

The publishers, who are the creators of the content that advertisers use to attract potential users, get KIND tokens if they generate a sufficient amount of traffic with their content. Similarly, advertisers and users will perform transactions using the KIND tokens, and all of this will create a quick feedback loop. This loop ensures a differentiation between good publishers and bad ones and cleanses the whole platform from scams and other nefarious activities.

The Team

The team behind the project are all experienced professionals. Saulo Madeiros is the CEO of Kind Ads and is the co-founder of NPBR International LTDA, which also operates in the digital marketing sector. The Kind Ads website claims that Medeiros’ company helps its clients spend over a $100,000,000 per year on marketing.

Rafael Mayrink is the COO of the Kind Ads project and is the director of operations for NPBR International LTDA. He is responsible for ensuring that everything is going according to the plan and the company has proper operational controls.

Jaime Sanchez is the CTO of the project and is probably the most experienced of the executive body. He has over 12 years of experience with Microsoft and has helped top companies in Latin America create scalable cloud architecture.

Along with these three, the project has a number of advisors. The most well-known advisor is Neil Patel. Patel’s support makes the project all the more legitimate, and Kind Ads was able to raise around $20 million in a private round.

The Market

Kind Ads is currently targeting a market that has been widely ignored by the whole blockchain industry. As such, they are the first movers, and there is no other company or project that is known to be working on revolutionizing the digital marketing industry.

Therefore, Kind Ads has an advantage and will hold the majority market, if it correctly pulls this project off. There is a detailed roadmap of the project that explains the company’s milestones up to 2019.  Currently, the company is planning on rolling out the Push Notifications.


Kind Ads is the first of its kind in the digital marketing industry. The company wants to remove the middleman from the whole process, in turn, reducing costs. Users of digital advertising will gladly accept the platform provided by Kind Ads as it resolves the issues of delayed payments and irrelevant ads. It all boils down to how the project is implemented and ironically, how they market it to the users.

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