Krios Advertising Platform Overview

In today’s digital advertising industry, it has become harder than ever for publishers to generate real returns for the advertising dollars spent. Some Platforms exaggerate video views and click-through metrics using bots to mislead advertisers, yet digital advertising expenses continue to increase on these platforms each year, reaching $83 billion globally in 2017. Companies must figure out a way to reach their customers online without spending massive amounts of money on digital campaigns that don’t yield any significant returns.

To solve this problem, Krios has developed an affiliate network & campaign management platform using blockchain and Ethereum smart contract technology.  The platform allows businesses to connect with ad managers, content creators, graphic designers, copywriters, and influencers who have audiences that fit the target demographics of the products being advertised.

The goal of Krios is to make it cost effective for companies to establish brand awareness and promote products in an organic and more direct way.

The company launched their Pre-ICO in November 2017, and their ICO ran from January 8th to May 15th.

Since their ICO, Krios has made significant progress in the development of a working product, the formation of strategic partnerships, recruitment of new team members, and the start of live user testing sessions for their mainnet.

Platform Overview

The Krios platform is designed to enhance the relationship between advertisers (the company selling the products or service), publishers (the individual or company that is advertising the product or service in exchange for commissions), and customers (the individuals who are being called to action).

This relationship is fostered via Krios’ web and mobile platform:


Using Krios coins (KRI), advertisers get access to the Krios ecosystem and can use KRI tokens as a secure and transparent method for confirming and conducting transactions within the platform, where companies run efficient and cost-effective digital marketing campaigns.

To start, companies fill out details about their product or service, budget, needs, and timeline. The details are analyzed by Krios’ matching algorithm, which then presents the firm with several professional candidates or companies who fit the requirements of the request.

Companies can then build and manage their marketing campaigns on the platform, recruiting a variety of professionals (content managers, social media managers, advertisement managers, graphic designers, etc.) based on the specific needs of the advertiser.

Once a company selects which professionals are required, a deal is stuck between each party using the platform’s blockchain smart contract technology.

Krios also has an affiliate network with over 30,000 influencers. Within this network, businesses can be matched with endorsers who are looking to sell their services, eliminating the time and money required to discover and negotiate deals with endorsers in the general marketplace.

The Krios Coin (KRI)

The Krios coin is an ERC20 standard token that gives users access to the Krios platform and services. It is also the currency used for making transactions between publishers, advertisers, and marketing service providers on the platform. Krios coins can be bought on public cryptocurrency exchanges and stored in Krios wallets on the platform.

Company Updates

  • KRI will be releasing their app to the first 100 people using Android. Users who download and use the app will also get access to free KRI tokens
  • Development update – Krios has recently released their first video tutorial on how to use certain parts of the platform and showed it functioning
  • Live tests: Krios has completed two live tests for their Mainnet on the Ethereum network. The tests involved running two live campaigns from start to finish.
  • Partnerships: Krios has secured three new technology partnerships that are designed to meet the need for freelancers on the Krios platform and to have fiat value maintained throughout the period of job completion, despite the volatility of cryptocurrencies.
  • Team Restructure: Krios has restructured their team from the one that assisted in launching and the ICO to one that is now focused on business growth. In doing this, the company has hired four significant new team members who will play a key role in the development of the company’s blockchain ecosystem.
  • New exchange listing: KRI tokens are now listed on the LATOKEN LATOKEN is a rapidly growing crypto exchange focusing on liquidity for new tokens. The exchange has over $30m in daily turnover, more than 80,000 registered traders  and 180+ crypto pairs available for trading.
  • Telegram Competition: Krios will be running a biweekly Telegram competition with KRI token prizes. For the first competition, all participants need to do is take a selfie holding a sign that says #WeAreKri and post it in the Telegram! The winner will be drawn at random and with 3 lucky winners receiving a share in the prize of 10,000 KRI.
  • New Bounty Program: Krios has launched a new Bounty program with the following details:
    • A new bounty phase will occur every month and will last until the end of the month
    • The first bounty will have 5 million coins available
    • Each bounty following this will have up to 2 million coins available
    • The number of coins available in each will depend on the other events/promotions Krios has planned
    • Users will be able to participate by registering on the Krios website or on BitcoinTalk when the bounty is posted. Additional details will be on a “Bounty” tab on the Krios website
    • Coins will be released after phase 12.
    • Users will report weekly contributions to bounty managers using a submission claim form.

For more info

To learn more about the Krios updates, check out their website and quarterly report

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