Largest Bounty Mission Platform Candy.ONE Has Adopted Mixin Network

The Largest Blockchain Community Candy.ONE Joins Mixin Network (XIN) Ecosystem and Support on XIN Token FCoin Listing with Highest-ever Rewards

Mixin Network announced today that the largest bounty mission platform Candy.ONE has adopted Mixin Network as its underlying technology for more scalability. The strategic partnership between the two blockchain titans will continue to build a robust ecosystem. With a 5 million and growing community base, Candy.ONE is expected to expand the Mixin Network community significantly.

A 48-hour bounty campaign has been launched alongside the announcement. The highest-ever reward at 3 billion CANDY token will be distributed to the community members who support on the XIN token listing on FCoin, another leader that invented the novel “trans-fee mining” mechanism on its decentralized exchange system.

To facilitate a healthy ecosystem development of token transaction, Mixin Network requested to list XIN token on FCoin GPM (Growth Project Market). Mixin Network is now calling for all XIN token holders to vote on FCoin GPM (Growth Project Market) to boost MIXIN to the top 10 rank in the cumulative deposit number ranking before the listing rules update on 00:00 GMT+8 July 16th, 2018.

To join the boost please do the following:

  1. Register on ONE
  2. Click ‘Account’, and then click ‘wallet’
  3. Deposit 2.011 ETH into your Candy.ONE account wallet
  4. Click ‘Boost’ to convert 2 ETH to 1 XIN
  5. Withdraw 1XIN to your FCoin address, and get 25,000 CANDY. Then you will complete the boost.
  6. Withdraw 1XIN from FCoin to Candy after the boost.ONE wallet, and get 2 ETH back
  7. Receive 15,000 CANDY in the case of successful boost; receive 5,000 CANDY in the case of failed boost

Boost XIN on FCoin Exchange

About Mixin Network (XIN)

Mixin Network is a one-of-a-kind public distributed ledger that enables cross-chain transactions at lightning-fast speed. Mixin Network empowers all existing popular blockchains by offering trillions of TPS, sub-second final confirmation, zero transaction fees, enhanced privacy and unlimited extensibility. XIN is the token of Mixin ecosystem with its market cap at top 50 globally. For more information please visit

About Candy Box (Candy.ONE)

Candy Box (Candy.ONE) is the world’s largest bounty mission platform with over 5 million active users. For more information please visit

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