Make Sure This One Stock Is on Your Buy List for 2021

Kiplinger bills itself as the first magazine to bring sensible money-management advice to American investors. And its focus has remained the same 73 years later.

It gives its readers the lists of tax-friendly states… money moves to make by year-end… the costs of downsizing your home in retirement. It tends to play it conservative, and safe.

So, when a high-profile, don’t-rock-the-boat magazine like Kiplinger makes a sudden foray into a relatively new industry, one that can move fast, it’s jarring.

It’s also bullish – maybe even highly bullish…

Indeed, one of its recent headlines read: “10 Best Marijuana Stocks to Buy for 2021.”

I knew exactly what it meant when I saw it; that conservative Kiplinger has officially put cannabis on its “radar” for the new year.

This is more than just a headline, though. It’s a “clue.”

Investing is a bit like being a detective, but instead of using clues to solve a mystery, investors can use them to predict what’s going to happen next.

And I suspect you’ll soon be spotting a lot of different clues like this one from Kiplinger – clues that lead to only one prediction: That cannabis stocks are being queued up for a rally more powerful than any you’ve ever seen.

Investors on the sidelines are watching, too – watching for more magazines, Wall Street analysts, CNBC “talking heads,” or local house brokers to tell them what to do.

All those folks will soon join Kiplinger and Money Morning to say, “Buy cannabis.”

That flood of cash will ignite the rally in marijuana stocks. And that’ll make a fortune for the early movers who were already invested.

Investors like you.

And while I will saw a handful of good investments on Kiplinger‘s list, it missed a big one as the best marijuana stock to buy for 2021, which I’ll share with you today…

Add This to Your List of Best Cannabis Stocks to Buy in 2021

Over the last 18 months, I’ve gotten to know the team at Jushi Holdings Inc. (OTCMKTS: JUSHF) very well. And I’ve recently released a lot of key reports and updates about the company.

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With a great brand, a strategic focus on what markets to enter, and a management team that’s “all in” on the company – the founders invested $45 million of their own money to get it started.

Indeed, Jushi promises to bring you big returns. Here are a few main reasons why:

  • Its focus was on limited-license markets, whether that includes entire states like Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Nevada, or jurisdictions in California that limit licenses, like Santa Barbara.
  • The company has eight dispensaries open, with 15 total dispensaries planned. And its license in the very wealthy region of Northern Virginia is the only license the state will permit for years, giving Jushi a virtual monopoly on that valuable territory.
  • Jushi’s high-expense investment to be in a strong, competitive position is paying off big time. Jushi’s assets are driving sales higher every month. Not only did it invest in infrastructure, but it paid for a nine-person management team and 330 staff members. In the two quarters following this heavy investment, sales went from $6 million to $9 million and then $15 million. Nine months out now, the company is on pace to deliver $24 million in its fourth quarter of operations. That’s nearly a $100 million annual revenue pace. And this is just its first year.
  • And based on its stock’s performance over the last couple of months, as you’ll see below, Wall Street will likely be betting on Jushi to be a cannabis winner. But we’ll beat them to the punch.

Additionally, I recently shared a three-episode series of my recent visit to Jushi’s newest dispensary in Santa Barbara, Calif., on our NICI website:

Episode 1: Why Is Jushi One of the Best Stocks to Buy Right Now? It Starts with Going Beyond “Hello”

Episode 2: “You Have to Carry Top-Notch Flower”

Episode 3: The Sales Power Behind the Flower at Jushi

With each member of the team I speak with, you’ll quickly see why JUSHF is going to be such an incredible investment to buy ahead of 2021.

Because getting in early on a company like this is the key to the biggest gains – something our NICI Membership subscribers found out when they bought JUSHF shares in July for $1.52. As of this writing, that investment has climbed 100%!

That’s why I wanted to make sure I shared this information with Money Morning subscribers today so you can get in on this company before everyone else catches on.

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