Max Keiser on Bitcoin: The Only Way for Black America to Gain Individual Sovereignty

Max Keiser of RT news told viewers of the latest episode of the Keiser Report that the only way for black America to gain individual sovereignty is through saving money in Bitcoin.

Max Keiser: Black America and Bitcoin

Keiser referenced the 2019 non-fiction book by Isaiah Jackson, titled Bitcoin and Black America, which claims to explore the synergy between black economics, Bitcoin and blockchain technology. Keiser summarized one of the book’s core messages, stating:

“Black America will never be equal to white America. They will never have justice in white America. The only thing they can hope for is individual sovereignty, and the only way you can get there is through savings in Bitcoin.”

The RT news host claimed that, as a white male boomer who works on Wall Street, he is “ground-zero” for the current swell of protests surrounding racial inequality in America. Keiser said that like his Wall Street brethren, he would openly laugh at the notion that protests – or even politics – can bring about equality.

“Tearing down a statue does nothing, marching in the street does nothing, electing people to office who you think are going to help you does nothing. None of that works. I’m telling you as a white, male, boomer, Wall Street careerist, that I would laugh at that, as my brethren would do. It does nothing.”

US Federal Reserve Owns 30% of America’s GDP

With $7.2 trillion now owed back to the Federal Reserve by the American government, the Fed now owns more than 30% of America (based on a GDP estimation of $20 trillion, according to the World Bank). Keiser suggested that number would soon hit 100%, comparing the situation to that of feudal lords and peasants in the middle ages.

“The federal reserve now owns roughly 30% of America’s GDP, and they’re on track to own 100% of America’s GDP. How is that different from feudal lords of the middle ages who owned 100% of the economy, and everyone living there were basically peasants?”

But not all Bitcoin supporters agreed with Keiser’s emotional rhetoric. One commenter on Keiser’s YouTube video took issue with his “pandering to black America”, adding that Bitcoin is about more than race.

“Max, you are pandering to black America based solely on your desire to accelerate bitcoin adoption; Black America is smart enough to see right through your insincerity… Rise above race. Bitcoin is about liberation from central bankers for all, not liberation from whitey.”

Civil unrest spread across America in the weeks following the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police. In the days immediately after the protests began, several cryptocurrency business leaders proclaimed that Bitcoin was a peaceful alternative to violent protests.

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