OceanEx Launches Perpetual Contract and Simulated Perpetual Trading Competition


According to OceanEx, along with its 1st Anniversary, it officially announced that new product —Perpetual Contract is online on Dec 4th, 2019. To celebrate the official online of perpetual product, OceanEx also launches the PRESENT FROM MR. BILLIONAIRE -Simulated Perpetual Trading Competition. All participants will have a chance to win up to 1.32M OCE.


It is reported that the current contract market competition is very fierce, but several major issues have not been effectively resolved. The first issue is price instability. To reduce the risk by the extreme market fluctuation, OceanEx uses multiple price index additions, while referring to the prices of several major exchanges.

The second issue is the lack of high leverage function. OceanEx provides 10–100 leverage choices to cater to all kinds of traders’ needs. Only a small amount of capital could have the chance to earn a higher profit.

Only very few exchanges on the market currently supporting both the USDT and Coin Margin is the last issue. OceanEx currently supports USDT and Coin Margin including BTC, ETH, EOS, and VET to avoid losses due to crypto’s price fluctuation. It is worth mentioning that OceanEx is the first providing VET margin perpetual contract platform.

The OceanEx team stated: “In order to bring users better trading experience, OceanEx shares trading depth with third parties. In addition, our platform token OCE holders can also enjoy a series of benefits such as high commission discounts, which will effectively promote high-frequency trading by loyal users of our platform to ensure the depth of the market.”

For more details about OceanEx Perpetual Contract, please click: https://url.cn/5eEPgQ9

About OceanEx

OceanEx Digital Asset Trading Platform uses advanced artificial intelligence technologies to provide a secure and ultra-fluid digital currency trading market. Capable of comprehensive quantitative trading, it offers a rich set of investment tools and products to meet the needs of all types of investors and investment strategies. Members of its team come from Morgan Stanley, BNP Paribas, Deloitte, Samsung Electronics Research Institute, Cisco and other internationally renowned companies. OceanEx is committed to creating more professional digital asset trading services for investors.

OceanEx Official Website: https://oceanex.pro/en/

OceanEx Perpetual Contract: https://url.cn/5eEPgQ9

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