Pro Cryptocurrency US Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang Suspends His 2020 Campaign

Democrat Andrew Yang, who previously urged for more transparent cryptocurrency regulations, has suspended his 2020 presidential campaign. With recent disappointing results, he felt convinced that they wouldn’t win the race, thus deciding to end his campaign in advance.

Yang Drops Out Of the 2020 Presidential Race

Andrew Yang is an American author, lawyer, and entrepreneur, who was also running for the presidential seat in the upcoming 2020 elections. Speaking in New Hampshire earlier today, though, he decided to end his campaign early. “The math guy,” as he is often referring to himself, noted that the numbers were not in his favor and he didn’t want to accept donations in this case:

“While there is great work left to be done, you know I am the math guy, and it is clear tonight from the number that we are not going to win this race. I am not someone who wants to accept donations and support in a race that we will not win. And so, tonight, I am announcing I am suspending my campaign for president.”

Yang also indicated that it wasn’t an easy decision, but he believes that his campaign left a strong mark. He said, “The Yang Gang has fundamentally shifted the direction of this country and transformed our politics, and we are only continuing to grow.”

It’s worth noting the disappointing outcome of his recent campaign in Iowa. After reportedly investing millions and spending two weeks on a bus tour in the state, he finished with only 1% support.

Yang’s Cryptocurrency Views

Yang’s presidential campaign touched upon cryptocurrency regulations a few times. As Cryptopotato reported recently, he noted that the U.S. needs a uniform set of rules to govern the digital assets. Moreover, he said that coming up with transparent regulations would have been his priority.

The former presidential candidate also indicated that regulators couldn’t stop people from buying cryptocurrencies:

“Right now, people investing in these currencies are finding a way to do so and make use of their investments. I don’t think that you could impede it with regulations if you tried.”

He mentioned that the country should invest more in the underlying technology of cryptocurrencies, the blockchain, due to its high potential.

In any case, with Yang’s drop out of the November elections, the cryptocurrency space is left hanging. Despite not being a favor to win the race, he was the only one to openly speak about digital assets and establishing clear regulations around them.

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