Qiibee (QBX) Airdrop is Finally Live – $420K USD Worth of Tokens Available

Maybe you’ve heard of an airdrop. Maybe you haven’t. Either way, you’ll definitely want to get in on this action.

We’ll start by giving you a very brief definition: an airdrop is a way that you can get crypto without paying a penny. We’re not the first ones to do it, and we not the only ones doing it now.

But we are doing it differently

Ours isn’t your regular airdrop. We’ve created a tiered achievement system, where the more you participate, the more QBX you earn. We’re giving you the opportunity to go home with something significant; not just another few tokens to add to your wallet.

We’re thankful for your support, and as a token of our appreciation (no pun intended!), we’ll be distributing 7,905,000, or $560,000 USD-worth of QBX Tokens.

Basically, you just have to do the things you normally would — join our Telegram, invite your friends, ask questions, advise others — and you’ll get up to 300 QBX!

We’re doing everything airdrop via Telegram. That means that you don’t have to struggle with referral links, flip between multiple apps, or lose friends to drawn-out processes. Instead of copying and pasting and pasting and copying, our system will automatically detect when you add a new member to our Telegram group.

Start by registering through our website, then earn your first achievement when you join the Qiibee community on Telegram. Then, you’ll be able to increase your earnings with achievements.

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