Ready, Player One! Crypto Solution for PC Game Resales

The number of applications for blockchain technology is simply staggering, and new ones are being launched every day. The latest development for implementation of the blockchain is a gaming platform whereby users can resell digital titles in a decentralized marketplace.

Steam is the dominant force in PC games today, and the online marketplace has over 18 million users at peak times, according to its stats page. There are over 1,600 games available for sale and download on Steam. However, unlike with physical CDs and DVDs of game titles, there is no way players can resell their digitally downloaded games after they have been completed.

Robot Cache

Robot Cache

Robot Cache

According to reports, a new Steam rival called Robot Cache has been unveiled, which claims to be the first decentralized PC games distribution platform. Founded by InExile Entertainment boss Brian Fargo and backed by Atari founder Nolan Bushnell, the company has some ambitious plans, including a game resale service. CEO Lee Jacobson said that the main goal of the company is to leverage the power of blockchain to provide more flexibility and transparency to PC gaming.

The ability to resell digital titles and get some of their money back will be a boon for gamers who currently are stuck with them once a game has been completed. Using a blockchain to decentralize the service will enable the company to reduce operating costs and the fees that publishers and developers pay. Steam currently takes a 30% revenue cut, so according to Robot Cache:

Everyone from the smallest indie team to the biggest publishers, will retain up to 95 per cent of the sales proceeds, which is 25% higher than the current industry standard.


Building Blocks

Just like in Minecraft, the business needs to be built from the base up and offering developers and publishers more of their money back is a good start. To entice gamers on board is the ability to resell their titles to get some remuneration. According to Robot Cache, publishers will receive 70% of the resale proceeds, and players will get a 25% cut of the revenue.

The stipulation and only possible drawback is that the re-seller’s payment comes in the form of the company’s new cryptocurrency token, IRON, and prices will be determined by Robot Cache. The economy on the gaming distribution platform will be driven by IRON, and users can trade it, mine it, or purchase new games with it. Robot Cache claims to have all of the latest titles available when it launches in the second quarter of 2018, but only time will tell if gamers can be drawn away from their existing online stores, such as Steam.

Is Robot Cache a great idea or will PC games players stick to Steam? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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