Satoshi Labs announces on a special discount for the Trezor One

In the early days of Bitcoin, especially in 2011, Satoshi Labs worked to develop a hardware wallet that would be easy to use and at the same time be secure for storing digital assets, that would also replace the old-way of cold-storage wallets installed on old offline computers.

The product, released in 2013, came to be called – Trezor One – and has since become, along with Ledger Nano S, the most popular hardware wallet choice for millions who store their digital assets.

Fast forward to the present and Satoshi Labs has made a move that will likely increase the adoption of a hardware wallet which has excellent security features.

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The hijacking of crypto wallets has been a common story throughout the crypto world. However, being able to rely on a secure cold-storage such as Trezor will reduce the chances of wallet hijacking immensely. For those who are just coming into the industry, a battle-tested hardware wallet solves the initial security problem.

Satoshi Labs recently announced a 23% discount that makes the hardware wallet more affordable to the general public. The prices have been slashed to 69 Euro (~$80 USD), exluding shipping and VAT.

This may not be the most significant discount, but it is one that will encourage investors and traders to get on the train and upgrade to a hardware wallet.

Another reason for the Trezor One’s discount might be the recent release of the Trezor Model T wallet.

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