Skrumble Network vows to build a secure communication centric blockchain

Amidst the whole Facebook crisis, people have started questioning social media networks and how they use the data generated by users. People are becoming more and more aware of the implications of sharing their personal information on the social media sites.

These sites are backed by central servers that, potentially, store the user data for an eternity, and the data can be used in a number of ways. This data includes the personal information of the users such as their likes and dislikes, and their behavioral patterns, amongst other information.

The recent Cambridge Analytica scandal shows just how high risk the unscheduled use of user data is. Skrumble Network wants to fight against institutions that sell out the data of their users to large analytic firms.

Contrary to the usual social media sites, Skrumble does not have a central server that hosts the data of its users. Instead, the data of the users is hosted on the blockchain. This data is held in the blockchain in encrypted form, where no one can access it without the user’s permission. On Skrumble, the data actually belongs to the users.

About the company’s policy regarding collecting use data; “The unique thing about Skrumble Network is that it doesn’t have a centralized server.”, Eric Lifson, Co-founder and VP Marketing and Strategy of Skrumble, “The user information is authenticated on the blockchain and provided a secret key. That key opens a secure, direct, rich media communication session. All of a user’s data is truly owned by that user.”

The explanation provided by Eric is pretty self-explanatory; the network has only limited control over the user’s data. This guarantees that the user privacy is maintained and that no one can access it easily.

Eric further commented regarding the controversy surrounding Facebook and Cambridge Analytica:

“I think that you have to know what you are getting into with any communication platform with a centralized server. People are starting to see that any information they send, or share remains on the server forever. They are starting to get more educated and concerned about who owns their data, and new and innovative solutions are being sought to resolve these issues” Eric said.

Skrumble Network (SKM) Features

SKM claims that it is the first ever truly decentralized messaging, real-time voice and video calling application. There are a number of other existing applications that boast millions of users. However, none of them are decentralized.

SKM states that it will be using the existing Omni-channel technology and will be the first ever communication app to use blockchain technology. Along with the usual communication features, the application will also be able to provide the following extra features:

  • Conferencing
  • File sharing
  • Storage protocols
  • Payment system
  • Mini-smart contract
  • Screenshot alerts
  • Freelance marketplace

Another interesting feature is their unique algorithm, which they claim, cannot be blocked by any firewall. This means that users from even the censure strict nations such as China will be able to use Skrumble without any problem.

Moreover, no two conversations will have the same session ID, and the key data will be randomized to ensure that the user information remains encrypted.

Skrumble Network will use opensource documentation, so that other blockchain technologies and developers can use their communication layer to build innovative new technologies.


Skrumble Network Foundation

Skrumble was founded in 2014, and the application will be backed by the Skrumble Network Foundation, which will focus on improving the network’s performance and securing user data instead of focusing on profits, like more conventional organizations.

The global patent application for their application was filed in 2015, and the beta Unified Communication Product Launch was carried out in the first quarter of 2016. The company has a detailed roadmap, which shows what products the company is planning on launching within the next few years.

The SKM tokens will be used for the growth of the network and for rewarding valuable customers. However, the Skrumble Network application will be free to download, and users can simply download it from the Skrumble’s website when it is available.

By allowing users to carry out transactions from their conversations, Skrumble will be giving them more freedom and authority over their data and how they use it. In their own words, Skrumble wants to redefine how people communicate and gives them control over their data.

Users can permanently delete their conversations from the network and Skrumble will ensure that no copy of it remains. The network lays great emphasis on privacy and aims to protect it above anything else.

The team behind Skrumble comprises of more than 40 people who are currently working out of an office in Toronto. The company has history, a strong work ethic, and a constantly growing team. Skrumble aims to become one of the first blockchain based communication applications and will provide a new platform for freelancers and work providers to collaborate and carry out transactions through smart-contracts.

The Future

The SKM token of the Skrumble network will provide additional functionalities for the users of the application. The tokens will be used as means of payment in the Skrumble network, and the network will also support other crypto tokens.

The SKM tokens will be used to create a self-sustaining platform that provides an incentive to the miners to maintain the transaction costs. There will be 1.5 billion tokens in total, and a specific percentage of tokens will be released every year for 3 years to keep pace with the annual 2% inflation.

Skrumble’s token sale started on March 26th and will last till April 2nd. The total amount of tokens being released now is 40,000,000 SKM and investors can get 20,000 SKM for 1 ETH. The sale is currently being offered by Allcoin platform.

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