So who are the crypto investors?

The crypto market has soared sky high over the last year. Investors have poured billions and billions of dollars into the market, making it one of the most interesting markets to trade. The hype and growth observed in the crypto market is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before, and many see it as just the beginning. The industry is rapidly expanding and is a worldwide phenomenon.

But, one question pops into the mind, “Who are the investors behind these unheard-of projects on the internet?” To answer this question, eToro conducted research where they analyzed the investors and defined their various characteristics.

The research is presented in the form of an infographic, and the investors have been grouped on the basis of their gender, age, crypto experience, and other noticeable traits. The graphic provides a detailed overview of the investors behind the rapid expansion of the crypto market.

It has revealed some startling facts, such as only 8.5% of the total investors are women. The vast majority of the investors are men, and women have a significantly lesser role in the market. Moreover, a sizeable majority of the investors in projects like XRP Ripple and Bitcoin are between the ages of 18-23.

The graphic also reveals that these crypto investors are mostly novices, and only a very limited percentage of the investor pool is highly experienced. The graphic further characterizes the investors based on their careers, and which gender owns the most of which coin.

As you’d expect the occupations of a significant number of investors are in computer and IT Services. After all, it was knowledge of tech that got us here! And another sizeable chunk of investors are in sales and marketing.  Interestingly, a significant section seems to have no job. And they’re not retired, because that’s shown on the graphic.

Obviously, everyone is most interested in the bottom line. Does crypto investment yield the results? And eToro’s research shows that, with the disappointing exception of Bitcoin cash, every crypto surveyed broke-even or made good profits for their investors. And of those XRP Ripple appears to have made the biggest profit.

crypto investors
Meet the crypto investors. Source: eToro

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