StopTheFakes releases Alpha version of the web service

Prague, Czech Republic, February 28, 2018: Today the team of, the first project in the world to engage millions of people in copyright protection using blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, has released Alpha version v.0.1 of the web service. The software is developed according to the Road Map. We are already working on the further development and testing.

Everyone interested are welcome to participate in the open testing, the project team would appreciate your feedback, comments and suggestions as for the web service’s interface and its features. You can check out the release and test its performance capabilities on the official site. We thank in advance all those who would leave a comment and help us with the testing process.

As you recall, we’ve released a mobile app as early as December 2017. As of now the app is being beta tested and we are getting ready to release a fully functional working version.

So, as of today, StopTheFakes project has all software products (albeit, of different development stages) needed for the service to function properly. Statistically, only 2% of startups that launch ICO manage to release software before the Token Sale begins.

Mikhail Krzhanovsky, CEO and co-founder of StopTheFakes: “We had to work really hard and give up holidays and weekends but we did it − and released the web service strictly on schedule. I’d like to thank all team members and everyone who believed in our success and kept our spirit up. Now we definitely have something to show for our work to the world and prove once again that our project is going to be most successful ICO in the current year”.

StopTheFakes Ltd: The first project ever to protect IPR with Blockchain technology. It’s a decentralized service that enables right holders to involve Internet users and customers in detecting cases of piracy on the web and counterfeit sales in the real world and to remunerate them for this job. The project was founded by Mikhail Krzhanovsky and Igor Salikov in Prague, Czech Republic, in June 2016.


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