This key trigger that could propel the cryto ‘Cardano’ to new heights in the near future

Cardano (ADA) is without a doubt one of the more visible crypto projects in the market today. Though it is still a work in project, it has solidified its position as a top 10 coin. Though its value today is a pale shadow of its 2017 highs, its fundamentals paint a picture of a highly undervalued crypto. It has a working paper wallet, a working proof-of-stake algorithm among many other features. At this point, all Cardano needs is just a minor boost in publicity, and it will shoot up crypto rankings in no time.

One key trigger that would propel Cardano to the top in the near future is a Coinbase listing. Lately, Coinbase seems to have become the exchange to watch for listings, thanks to its strong influence in the U.S market. Recently, they announced that they were listing Ethereum Classic (ETC). Once that announcement was made, the value of Ethereum Classic shot up, and has been relatively stable since then.

In fact, Ethereum Classic has been one of the better performing altcoins, in a market that has become bitcoin (ETC) heavy, in the last few weeks. As such, if Coinbase were to list Cardano (ADA), chances are that it would skyrocket in value, and displace a number of coins in the Coin market cap rankings. But is there any possibility of Coinbase listing Cardano anytime soon?

The answer to that is…

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