The Network is Rallying In Support of Crypto Traders

featured – Recently, several videos have been released revealing the life of a young couple and the difficulties they faced because the man is actively engaged in crypto trading. The authors urge you to “believe in traders” to the end, no matter what happens.

The social advertising consists of episodes which are unrelated to each other. Judging by the videos, the boy and the girl are not yet married. They live in a lovely cozy home. But life with a trader has its nuances. And although everything is told in a light, humorous way – in real life, many crypto-traders and their girlfriends or wives can’t face it.

Crypto traders, and traders, in principle, work a lot and always keep abreast of their trades, so their other halves suffer from the lack of attention, and sometimes financial difficulties in hard times.


The advertising was created by Investy, a company which positions itself as a social network for traders.

“Investy notes that trading is a challenging job, and to earn money in this business, you need to spend a lot of time and have nerves of steel. When the idea of ​​creating this type of social advertising was born, at first we smiled, and then we realized that this format of presentation would allow us to focus on this subject. It may not be a major concern compared to the issues society faces as a whole, but it is important for certain groups of people.”

There are several crypto “Easter eggs” in the commercials; you can see a photo with the “autograph” of Satoshi Nakamoto and the picture of Buterin in the image of Mona Lisa, who either smiles or looks sad, depending on the situation.

The videos quickly became popular with the cryptocurrency audience and were actively distributed online. Over several days, the proposal episode scored more than sixty thousand views. The authors have still not confirmed whether or not they will continue the series.

“We are happy with how the audience reacted to our social advertising. We also fell in love with our couple. And it is possible that we will release more episodes. For example, about their wedding. However, whether or not we decide to proceed is still up for debate.”

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