These companies jumped on the bitcoin train right before it derailed

It seemed like an unbeatable path to market gains: simply suggest your company was getting involved in cryptocurrencies, and investors would reward you to a startling extent.

Throughout 2017, as the digital currency bitcoin was undergoing an astonishing rise in price, a number of companies jumped on the cryptocurrency bandwagon. They announced initiatives into blockchain, the decentralized ledger technology bitcoin runs on, or simply plans to “mine” the cryptocurrency—that is, to solve complex computational problems that validate transactions on the network, with the chance of being rewarded with bitcoin. In many cases, the announcements were accompanied by few details about the new business plan.

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To a degree that analysts said was stupefying even at the time, such stocks skyrocketed in the immediate wake of the announcements, often doubling or tripling in price as investors hoped to take advantage of what was being touted as one of the hottest investments and technologies in years…

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