THIS CRYPTO might be better than Ripple (XRP)

Investing in digital coins can turn out tricky and a simple background check can save you a lot. Picking the best coin when you are presented with two options can be mind wrecking.   Stellar (XLM) and Ripple (XRP) are good projects and each has its own diehard fans and convincing them that one is better than the other is a hard nut to crack.

However, it can be helpful for those willing to invest on any digital coin to know what they are up against before they stake their hard earned cash. With allot of challenges in the market from the crypto-crash in January to-date, it is easy to look at XLM and XRP value indicators and how they have been able to wither the storm.

Addressing the Consumer Needs

With a competitive market and a new technology that people are just getting a grasp of, it is always discerning to get a product that you are comfortable with. A system that transforms your life and has real world use cases is ideal. However, the consumer demands are different and that is the point of…

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