Warren Buffett Will See His Wealth Hyperinflate While Bitcoin Price Does 40-80x, Says Max Keiser

Popular TV host and long-time Bitcoin proponent Max Keiser believes that futures traders suppress Bitcoin’s price at current levels. However, once the asset explodes to Keiser’s intermediate target at $28,000, BTC’s amount for sale will evaporate as governments and institutions will purchase directly from miners.

Keiser: Governments And Institutions Will Rush To Buy BTC

Keiser recently tweeted that “the (temporary) Bitcoin price suppression scheme is a godsend for poor people to stack sats *now* before retail liquidity dries up and the price vaults to gold-parity levels around $400,000.”

CryptoPotato reached out to the popular TV host to elaborate on his views regarding the price suppression and potential surge in value. Keiser asserted that “for the world’s poor, the current price and availability of BTC are a once in a species-existent opportunity to acquire unconfiscatable Hard Money before a 40-80x move on the upside.”

He commented that his “forensic analysis of the BTC market, corroborated by insiders, is indicating futures traders are suppressing the price of BTC to give institutional players a chance to load the boat.” He also gave his intermediate price target of $28,000 per coin. Once the cryptocurrency reaches that level, it would be a significant game-changer for people’s perception of the asset.

“When this happens, we’ll see something quite unexpected. The retail market for BTC will dry up. The amount of BTC for sale AT ANY PRICE will be increasingly tiny.

Institutions, corporations, and governments will be buying BTC directly from miners, presumably at a huge premium.”

Max Keiser. Source: RT
Max Keiser. Source: RT

People Like Warren Buffett Will Suffer

Keiser, who previously said that Warren Buffet will start panic buying Bitcoin when the asset price jumps to $50,000, said that people like the prominent investor, who have no Bitcoin exposure, will see “their wealth hyperinflate to nothing.”

It’s no secret for the community that Buffett isn’t a fan of the primary cryptocurrency.. He once called Bitcoin “rat poison,” and even a charity launch with TRON’s Justin Sun couldn’t change his mind. Shortly after the event, Buffett insisted that BTC has no value “and never will.”

However, Buffett recently purchased a massive share in a mining company producing gold while reducing his exposure in significant banks such as JPMorgan Chase & Co and Wells Fargo & Co.

Keiser believes that those who had taken a similar path and purchased gold and silver will be less impacted. Nevertheless, even gold holders “will see their wealth take a relative nosedive against investors that are 100% BTC.”

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