When is Bitcoin FOMO going to kick in?

Bitcoin has made a 130% gain so far this year. The stock markets are down amidst the US-China trade war, which usually spurs investors toward safe-haven assets.

But people aren’t buying gold. Institutions are leaping on the blockchain bandwagon one after another, with Bitcoin trading at a massive 37% premium on Grayscale. Facebook is also entering the space, as are JP Morgan and Fidelity… the list of household names with Bitcoin FOMO is getting longer.

So why aren’t the crowds going wild?

When is Bitcoin FOMO going to kick in?

Around the time of the industry’s most important conference of the year – Consensus – earlier this month, Bitcoin shot up by over $1,000 overnight.

eBay announced (and later retracted) that it would be accepting cryptocurrency payments. Microsoft came out with its plans to build on the Bitcoin blockchain. North American food chain Whole Foods also joined the revolution and the price started to soar.

Yet despite what historically causes a massive “gold rush” of retail investors suffering from Bitcoin FOMO, this rally is far from retail-driven. In fact, it appears to be the institutions that are scared of missing out.

With the Bitcoin halvening happening next year, Bitcoin is becoming more scarce and more valuable. More of it will be owned by institutions.

How can you tell when retail investors are gripped by Bitcoin FOMO?

That might sound like a stupid question. After all, the price would just go up, right? Well, yes. However, there are some other indicators that can alert us to a possible retail buying spree.

Google Trends

What do most people do when they want to find out more about something? They turn to Google for their answer. Of course, Google may not be the only search engine around the world, with Yandex, Baidu, and a plethora of privacy browsers. But when it comes to market leadership, Google still takes the cake with 88.47% of the market share in April 2019.

So, with all the action going on in the markets right now, you would imagine that searches for Bitcoin would be going through the roof. Not so much. In fact, take a look at the information below from Google Trends and you’ll see that interest in Bitcoin is…

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