Why Ripple’s XRP could see massive gains in 2019

  • XRP will continue to battle the market leader for the first position in terms of market capitalization.
  • 75% of the correspondents believed in Ripple’s XRP prowess in 2019.

The last quarter of 2019 has been a gruesome period in the cryptocurrency market. The market did not only bleed, we saw assets refresh new 2018 lows. Moreover, the doom Sayers reckoned that Bitcoin and other digital assets belonged at zero. Anyhow, that that is their opinion what matters is the development being experienced in the industry.

Cryptocurrency companies are working tirelessly to ensure that they come up with real-world use cases for the assets. This will drive adoption with a ripple effect on the value of the assets. A recent a survey by a popular personality in the crypto sphere requested for peoples’ opinion on which coins will experience massive growth in 2019.

“2018 was brutal! 2019 will make all that hell worth it as long as you accumulated the right coins/tokens! Which will see the biggest return in 2019?”

Most of the respondents believed that XRP will receive…

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