Bitcoin Price Falls

Why This Trader is Predicting TOMORROW Bitcoin Will Have a ‘Breakdown’

According to a trader who offers professional consulting and provides an altcoin signals service via Telegram, Bitcoin is very likely to “breakdown” by tomorrow.

Alan Masters published an idea to Tradingview late last night encouraging everyone to “secure profits” and play some wait and see. He provides the following chart:

According to Masters, the volume is dissipating in Bitcoin markets, which is indicative of a massive change impending. Combined with “mostly sideways-bearish action,” and negative technical indicators, Bitcoin is likely to drop hard.

Hedging his own predictions, Masters says:

We always say that Bitcoin tends to do what nobody expects. […] The chart has more bearish than bullish signals, but I am a strong bull.


Especially in recent times, one wouldn’t be making much profit shorting or longing Bitcoin. The thing has been in the $3300-3700 range, with minor moves, for some moons now. The current “bear” market – more than 300% its first all-time-high, all the time – definitely underscores the fact that mainstream interest in Bitcoin is what drives volatility. Could it be that the problem with mainstream interest is its passing nature?

Masters and his team deal with this by trading altcoins.

He published a couple strategies that have made him some money recently. Trading the new Bittorrent token against…

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