Why You Should Never Tell Anyone You’re a Bitcoin Millionaire

A cryptocurrency millionaire nearly lost his life after someone pointed a gun to his head, threatening to shoot him. The multi-millionaire managed to escape but the case reveals why you should never tell anyone your actual fortune worth. 

Bitcoin Millionaire Almost Lost His Life

A Norwegian multi-millionaire who reportedly made his fortunes by working with cryptocurrency for the past decade almost lost his life, according to local media TV2.  

Earlier in May this year, a multi-millionaire from Oslo heard his door ringing in the afternoon. As he opened to see who is it, the man saw someone pointing a gun to his head saying “Lie down, or I’ll shoot.”

Fortunately, the millionaire managed to escape after jumping out of his own balcony on the second floor. The report doesn’t say if the man is injured or not. 

However, it’s worth noting that the man has spent the past decade working with cryptocurrencies and it’s said that his account is worth more than $11 million. The report also reveals that the millionaire has previously been fairly public about how much money he made from cryptocurrency, which is perhaps what brought the attention of the robber towards him. 

The case will be brought to court on October 17th and 18th by Oslo police lawyer Ellen Karine Aas. The perpetrator’s attorney said that his client won’t admit to criminal chargest and refused to give any further comment. 

That’s not the first time someone’s been targetted for his cryptocurrency riches. Earlier in 2018 in Johannesburg, South Africa, a Bitcoin trader was kidnapped and tortured by a group of people over his Bitcoin holdings. 

It’s Important to Stay Safe

There are at least a few things that you can do that would prevent you from getting into situations of the kind. 

First things first, don’t tell people about your riches. There’s absolutely no value in anyone knowing how much Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency you own. Silence is golden. If you get into a situation of the kind, however, just lie. Deny as much as you can and try to cast as much doubt as you can even if you have bitcoin. 

Another thing you can do is just keep a small amount of Bitcoin in a separate account that you can always use in order to appease the attackers. You can also use multi-sig technology by giving the other key to a person you trust or just keep it safe at a deposit box. 

In addition to the above, Cryptopotato has prepared a list of 9 tips that you can use to keep your wallet safe.

Yet, it’s important to know that there’s no amount of money worth more than your life. If push comes to shove and there’s no other way around it, simply forfeit your fortunes. It’s definitely less valuable than your life. 


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