Will Ethereum Leapfrog Bitcoin in the Next 2 Months?

It seems a wild statement to make, given the disparity in value between the two cryptocurrency giants (at time of writing, Bitcoin’s value exceeds Ethereum’s by a factor of ten), but we’re not talking about pricing, but market dominance.

Since it kickstarted the digital currency phenomenon back in January of 2009, Bitcoin has always been way ahead in terms of its dominance of the market cap. We determine this through the comparative growth of Bitcoin as a percentage of the overall growth of the market.

As new coins enter the sector, if their growth from initial investment exceeds the market average, then their dominance increases, and Bitcoin’s decreases. This doesn’t necessarily mean a decrease in value for Bitcoin (although one often goes hand-in-hand with the other) merely that the newer currency is growing at a faster rate than the originator.

This is exactly what we are seeing at the moment with…

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