Will Ethereum Surge Back to $1,000? Experts Weigh In

Ethereum has had a fantastic – if expected – turn-around the past few weeks, launching the second-largest cryptocurrency above $250. In the glory days of the ICO run, when transaction fees were high – and demand for Ether was also high – the ETH price sailed over $1,000. What are the odds of that happening now, or soon?


ethereum price chart

Ethereum has made serious gains. Will it reach $1,000 soon? Source: Coinmarketcap.com

Ethereum has faced stiff competition from other smart contract platforms, notably Tronand EOS. In the “enterprise” space, there are also several competitors, including NEO, Aelf, and more. Virtually any alternative which is as widely traded and easy to use is going to eat into Ethereum’s market share in some way.

All the same, Ethereum has room to grow.

The godfather of smart contract tokens will be in demand during the “initial exchange offering” boom. These ICO-style sales will be made with more than just Ether, however. Many will be done only for registered users of the crypto exchanges. Exchanges are thus competing with projects to list their token in an IEO first.


In these instances, both Ether and Bitcoin will be useful.

Some feel that Ether is a good long-term hold for now.


is up about 150% from our buy in at $86. @TheCryptoDog is looking oking to sell at $210. Who are we to argue with the dog?https://twitter.com/thecryptodog/status/1125522209706074113?s=21 

The Crypto Dog📈@TheCryptoDog
Replying to @gavinhaupt

$210 would be great


Update: We decides on a very simple strategy for our holdings. Hold until investors reach a level of mindless enthusiasm for price action akin to that of January 2018 (last “bubble” peak.) Until then, . @ethereum @ethereumJoseph pic.twitter.com/GJE5MVU78Y

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Others feel like there is good short-term leverage to be had if you judge by the historical trends of the crypto market…

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