With Our Powers Combined: Artificial Intelligence and Cryptocurrency

While Bitcoin is getting all of the headlines, cryptocurrencies are moving far beyond being the trendy stock to invest in. The power behind crypto, blockchain has been applied to a number of industries. The result is streamlined information, processes, data, and most importantly, payment.

Artificial intelligence is making headlines in a similar way. While the technology isn’t making thousands of people very rich, it is helping various industries get more work done quickly and efficiently.

Each are promising great things for our future. And greater things are in store when these two technologies are combined. Predictive analytics is an area that both disciplines can make a huge difference.

Blockchain and Predictive Analytics

 There a a couple of good platform models out there that are seeking to couple blockchain with predictive analytics.

Delphy (DPY) is an example of blockchain being used to help with prediction markets. It provides users a fun way to earn coins by correctly predicting current events. It’s easy to use to use through their mobile app.

For example, do you think Bitcoin is done falling? Will there be another exchange hacked? These are the questions that are posed. While they may seem trifle, the answers are very informative. Users are trying to earn DPY tokens for answering the questions correctly. The result is an honest public poll that will help determine market trends and help predict the future.

Bodhi (BOT) further shows how many are using blockchain for predictive analytics. The China prediction market is being designed for use by the whole world. Bodhi is unique because it is built on top of the QTUM blockchain, a platform that combines the best of Bitcoin and Ethereum. It can be used for financial, sports, and traditional market predictions, among others.

Blockchain, Predictive Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence

Cindicator (CND) is a blockchain that is also adding artificial intelligence and using it in the realm of predictive analytics, among others. They use a hybrid intelligence model that combines a mass of human intelligence enhanced by artificial intelligence.

The result is their Cindicator Bot 1.0, which works with predictive analytics. The Cindicator Bot helps traders in the traditional and crypto financial market. It provides data from thousands of different analysts working with dozens of machine learning AI models.

They also have the Cryptometer Bot 2.0. This tool uses 10 different crypto exchanges to help spot time limited market opportunities. It works as a personal market measurement tool for cryptocurrencies.

Perhaps even more unique than each of these is Endor (EDR). Like with Cindicator, Endor combines AI and blockchain with predictive analytics. But what sets Endor apart is how it also incorporates MIT’s novel Social Physics technology, an AI science.

While some platforms build a model for each predictive question, Social Physics takes a singular area of human intelligence and behavior and allows unlimited questions to be asked. Instead of asking a group distributed over a network a question which is then voted upon, Vendor lets you ask a question and instantly get a response.

They call it “Google for predictive analytics”. The result is a search engine where you can ask any question you like and almost instantly receive an answer. In the aforementioned coins, you have to wait weeks or months for a consensus answer to return. Endor is much faster.

In order to answer predictive questions, Endor pulls data from just about everywhere. Blockchains, traders, experts and even Twitter and Reddit contribute. This platform will save companies from the need to rely on data scientist experts, which will allow more companies to access the information.

Questions can be asked in plain english without the help of a predictive analytics specialist, saving loads of time and money. The system will be run through the EndorCoin utility token, EDR, which will power the automation of the predictions.

As time goes on, we’ll continually see new ways that artificial intelligence and blockchain are making our society better. Predictive analytics is one sphere where both disciplines can be combined to do some incredible things.

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