World Exchanges Will Debate About Hacking, ICO listing and Regulations at Futurama Summit in Spain

During early September Futurama Blockchain Innovators is hosting another ‘exclusive’ retreat, which starts right after its partner’s event Blockchain Cruise Mediterranean by Coinsbank. That time Ibiza island will bring together over 300 representatives affiliated in the crypto exchanges industry focusing on three aspects – hacking, privacy and regulation.

The crypto exchange market landscape has arguably never been more challenging. From the ongoing liquidity battles, the shrinking exchanges balance sheets, uncertainty caused by the great market depression and ongoing regulatory reform to name but a few, the crypto exchange market is undergoing a serious makeover.

Featuring crypto exchange representatives, regulators, ICO-portfolio managers, and corporations, Futurama Blockchain Innovators Summit will be the place where world influencers will share their professional market view to help navigate the crypto market in the year ahead.

Around 300 decision makers are expected to take the opportunity to network, analyze and debate the latest blockchain and cryptocurrency industry trends. For this retreat the agenda will emphasize on the cyber-security of the crypto exchanges and the hacking in the industry’s assets, the process of ICO listing, while featuring regulatory authorities willing to attract crypto-capital and framework for the operations of crypto exchanges.

The practices of well-known exchanges have always been prone to boom and bust. Now, counting more than six months, the crypto industry losing billions in market cap, secondary markets need to set the foundations for the new cycle are being laid. To move forward and thrive in this new era, where security will play a greater role, the industry will need to cooperate and employ the best tactics and strategies. The leaders of some of the world’s top exchanges will gather in Ibiza from September 10 to September 13 to debate those topics and other key issues the crypto industry is facing.

Among the challenging questions the speakers will respond through a great lineup of panels are:

– Why centralized exchanges are still the main growth driver of the decentralization  movement?

– Which crypto Jurisdictions offer what kinds of advantages and disadvantages?

– Are exchanges on blockchain a pipe dream or inevitability?

– Are we at the end of an era or at the beginning of new cooperation when it comes to regulation?

– What are the Best Practices on Token Listing (ICO):  The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

– Where to Bank and Why: The Leading Crypto Banks of The World.

While everybody in the industry is waiting institutional investors to pour more money to help develop new technologies and practices we can all agree that this won’t happen shortly since they are hindered by the lack of clarity on cryptocurrency regulations. Futurama will host exclusively representatives of the world regulations – from Malta to Jersey, who will disclose their future plans and regulation frameworks to attract investments from the cryptocurrency industry.

The event will be crowded from cryptocurrency exchanges representatives and many of them have already commented about their participation.

Alex Lee, Investment Strategist at Bithumb:

“Futurama Blockchain Innovators Summit is unique in the sea of crypto events, in that they both focus on networking. It assumes that the best answers to the problems in our industry can be found through proactive sharing of each other’s stories in highly personable ways. So, no matter what the issues are, be it crypto exchanges getting hacked or regulators feeling the pressure from disgruntled token investors who lost money, the solution can be found through community interactions and honest, open conversations.”

Sergey Zhdanov, CEO of EXMO cryptocurrency exchange, top 40 in liquidity:

“We will talk about centralized and decentralized exchanges. Now many people talk about the advantages of decentralized exchanges, but do not think about the fact that they also have limitations related not only to the cost and complexity of development. For example, there is a problem of blockchain scalability or low liquidity, a lack of possibility to create fiat money and much more. I’m sure it will be a very interesting discussion.


The conference boasts an impressive list of guest speakers and popular personalities including but not limited to Joshua Hong, Founder of Exponential, a $150M early-stage venture fund, Miko Matsumura founder of Evercoin exchange, Alex Lee – Investment strategist at Bithumb, Roger Ver – Bitcoin Angel Investor, Maja Vujinovic- CEO at OGroup, Crystal Rose- CEO at Sense, Brock Pierce from Bitcoin Foundation. Of course, as a leading event of a highly- disrupting industry it couldn’t be limited to a convention of professionals, but guarantees a futuristic experience inspired from the world’s renowned event Burning Man, and featuring world’s top DJs and famous private chefs. The organizers guarantee a unique experience and call the attendees to come prepared to enter the Matrix of infinite possibilities.

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