XRP Price Prediction: Why Most Crypto Analysts Are Optimistic About XRP In 2019

Ripple has been making positive waves and buzz in the Crypto space, and it remains so for a long time. XRP is the third largest cryptocurrency by market cap and the top banks and institutional choice when it comes to adopting blockchain innovation. It is quite convincing that XRP will thrive in 2019. It’s not so surprising that many people are optimistic about the cryptocurrency in 2019 and beyond.

It appears that after XRP got out from months of the downtrend in September last year, it marked the end of a major bearish market for the cryptocurrency which is an excellent report not for only XRP’s price but also the entire cryptocurrency market.

There are so many analysts predicting good fate for Ripple. No one can certainly tell or know the exact future of any coin with the stir of the volatile market trend, however, with new interventions, the mass adaptation, and future developments, analysts are very confident that Ripple’s XRP will surpass its bullish price targets in 2019. According to analysts Ripple will significantly increase this year because of its prospect as a global payment solution with more banks trooping in its blockchain.

Explicitly, analysts have viewed Ripple’s partnership with American Express as a very interesting one, as it has successfully taken major grounds in the Chinese market which is a very great step as the huge Chinese market is already making a lot of digital payments. Permitted to settle in the Chinese Yuan, gives XRP the exchange right to the Chinese currency.

Many analysts are also expecting China to have about 10 billion credit cards circulating by 2020 which will result in a positive estimate and a vast number of payments. This with many other bank partnerships will get more companies aware of the potential of the cryptocurrency to banks…

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