XWIN: A Game-Changer In Sports Betting

The XWIN, a new crypto-betting platform, has been developed on the Ethereum Blockchain to bring some changes into the online sports betting industry.

Restrictions and bans on online gambling are slowly stepping down: currently, there are more than 80 countries that already have legalized gambling. Sports betting occupies the largest market share in the global gambling market, and income of bookmakers in 2017 has averaged out to more than 120 billion euro. Half of people 18 years or older have placed a bet on a sports event at least once during their lifetime. In fact, it makes up for 40 percent of the revenue that is generated worldwide. Promising business, right?

Online bookmaking has certainly taken off since it offers a unique advantage of betting on various games at the same time. Also, you can place bets on multiple games and can search through different tournaments or leagues without having to get up from your chair. But the element of trust needs work. You should choose trustable and reputed online sites or technologies to make money safely.

New developments such as Blockchain technology and smart contracts bring drastic changes to sports and other betting. Blockchain has proven itself in such critical areas as finance, banking, and even medicine. The benefits it has lent to these sectors allow for trust to be created in areas where it has been missing. The XWIN, a new crypto-betting platform, has been developed on the Ethereum Blockchain to bring some changes into the betting industry.

Full Control and Total Safety

The Ethereum blockchain with attendant smart contracts is a dynamically developing technology for investing, settlement of transactions online, and now for betting as well. It would not be right to disregard the advantages this technology has to offer. Development of blockchain technology has led to the introduction of smart contracts. Currently, the Ethereum blockchain-based smart contract is one of the most comfortable, convenient, and safe for users.

The XWIN platform has been developed on the Ethereum Blockchain and belongs to the first crypto-betting services that provide total control over investments and complete access to your account and wallet from all over the world, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This technology can maintain users’ privacy and confidentiality and make them forget about increasing fees, unfair odds, bans and limits for winning players, and middleman preventing direct interaction between participants.

Simple and Clear

Ethereum’s powerful smart contract features are perfect for building a crypto-betting solution. The Ethereum Blockchain offers some extensive opportunities for investing and conducting transactions online. Advantages of betting with XWIN include, for example, guaranteed payments by the Ethereum smart contract. The payout amount can be locked on the account of the smart contract at the time of placing the bet and cannot be expended or spent prior to the settlement, and none of the parties can make changes to the bet that has already been placed or spend the prize fund. Other priorities are transparency of transactions and payments, no account lock and individual coefficient reductions as well, simplified and anonymous registration process, and absence of infrastructure risks related to technical problems with equipment and interruptions in Internet access.

Pioneer on the Crypto Betting Market

XWIN CryptoBet belongs to pioneers in the crypto gambling industry. They seem to appear on the market before the number of competitors emerge. And, as we learned from many previous ICOs, the “early bird” factor is crucial for taking advantage in the Blockchain competition: as pioneers, they have a good chance to capture and keep their audience. The success of the project would create an option for potential investors, who will be tempted by the reliability, verifiability, and transparency provided by Blockchain and smart contracts.

Referral Program

Besides from betting and winning, you can generate your passive income simply by recommending or promoting your referral code to your contacts. XWIN launches its referral program, which is simple but straightforward. It offers the XWIN members an opportunity to receive up to 6% of the amount that their referrals spend on tokens. This program is supposed to be a guarantee for constant audience capture and attracting new members.

Participate Now to Get More

As mentioned on their official website, the XWIN project provides the best conditions for their first investors. The platform is giving out bonuses in amount of up to 40% for purchased token amounts. The XWIN ICO starts on 1 January, 2018, but there’s still a chance to participate in the pre-ICO, which will last for 12 more days. Discover more details and purchase the XWIN tokens on the official XWIN website.

Images courtesy of XWIN.

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