YouTube Has Done It Again: The Crypto Purge Worsens As Two Popular Channels Are Banned

The most widely used video-sharing platform, YouTube, has resumed the Crypto Purge with one significant difference. While some cryptocurrency content creators are again receiving warnings, others had their whole channels terminated.

Same Thing Different Month

December 2019 saw the birth of what later became known as the YouTube Crypto Purge. The Google-owned video-sharing platform started issuing warnings and removing videos of numerous prominent cryptocurrency content creators.

Since then, the Purge comes and goes almost every month. The newest wave of warnings might be here.

The first one reached MMCrypto, and he said that the timing now could not be worse. Lots of people are under lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. Thus, in this time of crisis, “education must be censorship resistance.”

Later, another popular content creator – The Moon – received a warning. Eric Martin, the person operating the channel told CryptoPotato:

“This is the third big wave of mass censorship against YouTubers who talk about Bitcoin. Personally, I think that it’s some kind of automatic flagging because these strikes make no sense. Probably YouTube is fighting against those fake profiles on YouTube that are trying to scam people in fake giveaways.

However, it’s unacceptable that YouTube is letting this huge automatic Purge happen. Two legit channels were completely deleted from YouTube in the past couple of days. Personally, I was also attacked by YouTube as I received a warning from them.”

The Situation Escalates

What’s different now than before, however, might be the number of account terminations.

DoopieCash was the first casualty on April 7th. His account has been running for over three years, and he hadn’t received any warnings before the removal, he explained. YouTube is yet to respond to his quest now – two days later.

The second victim in this manner was Jason Appleton (Crypto Crow). He complained on Twitter that his YouTube page had been entirely deleted.

During the first few stages of the Crypto Purge, YouTube revealed that the warnings and video removals were “an error on our side during the review process.” Even though some anticipated the issue was fixed, it appears that it’s still impacting some cryptocurrency content creators.

However, some community members also pushed the argument that too many crypto scams exist in the online world. Thus, the massive video-sharing platform has to take action against those, and sometimes it affects other channels, as well.

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